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18 Most Creative and Innovative New Mobile App Ideas to Explore

Just Total Tech
19 May 2015

The market of app development business is at pick. We have mobile application for most of the things we can think of. In the business world also the importance of having an app for business is trend and necessity too.

The baseline behind creative ideas of developing different app is simplified the human life and day to day activities.

With the digital application market flooding with iPhone and android mobile apps, there is huge demand for applications. The apps that can help access monitor and organize important daily events and information online.

To suffice for such an exponentially growing demand, the need for unique mobile applications is becoming intense. Thinking what to develop so as to gain an extra edge? Here are a few innovative ideas that can help drive your thought process to developing something unique.

1. Integrated Medical Reporting

Every hospital follows a sequential process wherein an emergency patient has to be registered and all details are to be noted. This system can be integrated with an application that runs on every doctor’s mobile in the hospital.

The concerned doctor can be notified of the emergency along with the necessary details he needs to know. This will cut down the time that the doctor will take in understanding the case history and will help the doctor in attending the emergency case faster.

2. Women security App

Safety app for woman offers safety and security for women. It helps to set up a network of family and friends who can track the location via GPS when they receive emergency text through app. It sets an emergency alarm that sends your location to family and friends. At the time of emergency it also records audio and video.

3. Restaurant Reservation System

This reservation app helps to find the available table in your favorite restaurant with a graphical view. It save your time of waiting, you can make bookings and reservation before arriving. It also helps restaurant owners to manage the traffic.

4. Chatbot App

Every business in near future is going under the umbrella of Chatbot. AI and Chatbot is important for business.


The usage of Chatbot engages users and it gives them interaction they need in real-time. It gives more accurate solution and don’t get exhausted. Today more than 30% of the business especially e-commerce companies are using Chatbot I their website. It actually increases conversion rate too.

5. Road Condition Sensing Apps

When it comes to the infrastructural development of a country, roads are the most widespread. The biggest loopholes in the development and maintenance of roads are the collection of information related to the undeveloped or damaged patches.

An app that can sense the road conditions while driving can integrate information relating to road health from different parts of the country. Analyzing a bigger picture can help identify the areas that need new development or maintenance.

6. Parking Direction app:

The issue of getting a parking space is increasing day by day. Using a parking navigation app one can find parking space in nearby location. This app will use GPS, webcam, location and parking data to find parking space in real-time. When people struggle to find free parking space in nearby location this app can ease their struggle.

7. Patient Information System

Many-a-times, in-house patients feel the need to communicate with the doctor who visits them only once or twice a day. It is possible that the patient might need to know about his condition from the doctor.


For this, an in-house patient information application can be developed which can have an integrated chat application wherein the patient can ping the doctor in case of any unlikely symptoms being observed. The complete information relating to the patient’s case can be visible on the same application by filling in the patient ID and certain authentication details.

8. Airplane Production Lines Applications

Airplane industry needs a lot of material flow for integrating aircrafts. The different parts that are offered by different suppliers flow through the production lines which requires massive amount of data storage.

An application that can ease such storage and help engineers in analyzing the different data values with respect to the shipped items can be a great introduction.

9. GIF maker app:

GIF is used in place of imogies nowadays. It is popular to express emotions. Developing an app that creates GIF on our own will let you enter in a new field of app development.

GIF offers a bunch of options to create GIFs from pictures and webcam. Other than this you can also use videos from your collection or YouTube videos. It also lets you upload a GIF and share the URL on the web.

10. App for the Elderly

Aged people who are living alone are in trouble, especially those whose children are living in abroad by the growing everyday needs. Mobile apps for helping the elderly to shop groceries online, book plumber, electrician, book healthcare facilities online or any other assistance that they might need.

It will not only ease the lives of elderly living alone but can also lend satisfaction for their children settled abroad.  They will know that their parents are living comfortably with all services just a click away.

11. Live video display app:

Live video during any activity, festivals, celebration, travelling, driving, attending any event is very popular nowadays. Many social media like Facebook and Instagram have identified the need and gave option of live video streaming.

It encourages users to broadcast live their activities to the audience around the world. The posted video is visible on the profile or page. The available apps are basic still there is a scope of exploring this field of app. One can fill the empty space by developing a live video streaming app.

12. Local Material Rent App

People buy stuff like lighting or Christmas decorations which they use only for a month or so and then it’s just stored for the rest of the year. People who plan to get some furniture because they are in the town for couple of days.

There are students and people living in other cities for job having a rented apartment that need crockery, Water purifies and other household things during that short period of 1-2 year.

Such things can often be rented instead of being purchased. Mobile app development for such a use case where people rent out stuff locally is a good idea. It is sure a burning want for many people. It saves money also.

13. Food Utilization/ Donation app:

This is indeed a new and different approach. It allows the restaurants, cafes, wedding caterers, event caterers to find suitable charities in nearby area to donate the excess food. This initiative can be taken by any social service organization or NGO, who are aware of needy people in local areas.


It stops wastage of food and feed the needy people. Everything we do is not for business; some ideas can be utilized for wellness of people and t serve mankind too.

14. Virtual Fitting App

When we purchase clothes online there is one issue of fittings happen sometimes. If the ordered clothes we received are not of perfect size, we have to make returns and all that long procedures.

With virtual fitting app it takes measurement of a user in seconds. It translated that data to multiple product lines. The result of this app is, it create customized garment according to fittings. It can be customized according to gender, age, height, weight etc.

15. Profile identification App:

This app idea is totally different. It will make you use AR to find details about an unknown person or an object by scanning. When you upload an image of particular person or object it will give you information of that person or object available on internet.

It will also help police to identify criminals on the basis of their social media activities if they have done any. If will help to identify the person and their activities.

16. An App for Business Feedback

Such android or iPhone apps development can give rise to a handy list of local businesses and start-ups that work to deliver the best to their consumers. This app will allow the consumers to leave their feedback on the services received from various enterprises or local service providers.

This app will not only help consumers place their feedback but will also offer the local businesses to establish a advanced image of their firm with greater interaction and good feedback from clients.

17. Live Business Training Apps:

We have posted videos available on YouTube and other video streaming platforms. But giving live training to employees, vendors, clients from distant enables an organization to get engaged from distance.

Customers can easily use and view the performance of the training course in short span of time. Other than this viewer can find old training videos with a couple of clicks. It offers low cost training to employees and clients.

18. Free or Trial Stuff

Most of the beauty care or lifestyle product companies offer trial or free stuff for the users to test. They can analyse if the users liked the product with this is kind of a testing phase. Developing an app where all free or trial product samples are available can make it easy for the users to order them.

Plus, the users will register with their mobile phone numbers and build their profiles so that the companies are able to gather genuine feedback from the users taking the trial.


There are infinite utilities of humans and developing app for every possible utility and activity gives you a chance to expand new market.

The aforementioned 18 ideas are sure to bring your app good success but the only thing to be kept in mind while developing any of these mobile apps. It should have something unique, something that provides your application an edge over other competitive apps. With this assured, you are sure to catch the success pathway.