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11 Strategies to Optimize Landing Page For Conversion And Sales

Just Total Tech
08 Jun 2015

An old good quote, “First impression is the last impression” applies to landing page and business. Landing page is the first page that pops up when potential customers are redirected to your website. It can be through a banner ad, a promotional e-mail or a PPC ad.

Landing page is specifically created for search engine. It is made to complete registration, subscription or purchase. Landing page is used to increase conversion rate. It is said that there is nothing new under this sun, it has seen everything, and to an extent, this is the truth too. Most of the brands use the same old techniques of linking their homepage from their Twitter bio or any of the umpteen other common techniques.

Landing page should be designed based on audience, purpose, product, industry, intent, cost, perception of user, testimonial approach etc. landing page pretty much defines the success of ad campaign. So invest your time and energy in good landing page. Don’t create a mess, keep it simple yet informative and attractive enough to make your visitors turns into customers.

There can be 2 results Good return on investment or waste of money, it totally depend upon the design of your landing page.

So here is a list of 11 killer strategies to make great convertible landing pages. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a read.

1. Eye-catching Headline

The headline is the most important part of your landing page. You should put something that screams the benefits your service will provide to customer. The first thing

If the ad that brought customers here onto your website said-“lose 50 kg in 5 weeks”, then the focus of your web page should be how your service will help your customers lose 50 kg in 5 weeks and the headline should state the same in bold.

2. Fewer actions

The visitor shouldn’t be bombarded with a plethora of options that end up confusing him. The landing page should be kept simple and straight with only the most important things in place along with only one possible path of action they can take. This is the new sure shot way of increasing your landing page conversion rate.

Also, the option you are giving your potential customers should be the focus of the page and center of all the attention. The button that needs to be clicked should be the star of the show.

3. Structure that is not complicated

The landing page should be clean and simple. The web-page should be uncluttered and free of all unnecessary items like distracting navigation bars, menus, and buttons. The landing page should only have information regarding the service/ product you are selling. Don’t add barrages of text; instead go with bullet points that outline the major benefits. Clear and concise is the way to go.

The design of the landing page should be straight. If your page is cluttered, it will confuse the users.  Users will leave the page immediately out of frustration. The colors should be similar with your brand. Landing page should not have a different identity than your brand’s image.

Follow these basic Steps in designing structure:

  • Start with the description
  • Display benefits of using product
  • Include testimonials as a proof
  • End with CTA

To structure a landing page above mentioned structure is most persuasive method.

4. Placement of CTA

The most important element on landing page is Call to Action button. The ultimate motto of landing page is to convert the visitors. No other element is important than CTA placement, because the whole page is designed to drive attention towards it.


Keep few things in mind while placing the CTA button:

  • It should be bigger. The bigger, the better.
  • Don’t use direct closing words, like purchase or something, instead use something exciting, touchy, and convincing.
  • There is an image of CTA as a button in people’s mind. Don’t try to change this expectation with something new. Stick with the old thought.
  • Use contrasting colors to fill the CTA button. Landing page has a particular color scheme similar to image of brand. So the CTA button should be the most eye catchy button on whole page. It should be different from the page.
  • You can also use graphics that drive customers towards CTA button.

4. Consistency

Don’t change your landing page so much that it doesn’t even look like a part of your website anymore. No doubt that the landing page should be unique, but in the end, it is a part of the brand. Make sure that you use the same color scheme and the font so that the landing page doesn’t look all out of place.

5. Think Out of the Box

You need to be creative, you need to engage people, and you need to convince people. Try thinking out of the box and come up with intuitive new ways to increase your conversion rate. Try doing something different and you will succeed.

6. Add Pictures & Videos

Visuals add moments to your landing page. In fact, the human brain immediately responds to visuals more than text content. That means the visitors will be impressed immediately by the visuals on landing page.

It can be a high-definition image of your product line, or an image relevant to service you offer. You can also add videos as a demonstration, or video of users, or your achievements anything that helps you to gain trust of your customers. This is not a last minute Photoshop job, so make sure you select the right image or video.

After all it is going to be the first image of your business in the minds of your users. It will shape the image of your brand so make sure you made a good one. Visuals will tell the story of your business without words

7. Never Ever Redirect Traffic to Your Home Page

It doesn’t really matter whether people clicked on your PPC ad or came through your social media profile; never redirect the traffic to your home page. It’s a good idea to have separate landing pages depending on the source of your traffic so as to acknowledge each source and give them what they might be looking for with a personal touch.

8. The Second Page is as important as the First One

The second page is the page your visitors land on when they have decided that they liked what they saw, and are interested to know more. This page is equally important, if not more, as your landing page. This page is the perfect place to convey what exactly it is that you are offering, add in all the perks and offers and just make sure that you have your new visitor hooked.

9. Give assurance with proof

Provide some kind of assurance or guarantee of your product or service. It helps to gain trust of customers who doubt your product. It says that it’s a worth investment. You might have number of satisfied customers but when you announce this thing you need to offer it with proof.


Back up assurance with proof, it’s not difficult. You can have a bold line giving guarantee of your products, or you can add testimonials of your satisfied customers. This kind of things adds credibility to your brand image. So the first time users will also get a kind of assurance to trust your brand.

10. Free to Paid

Most of the businesses just ignore the post subscription page that can be used very effectively. So how do you do it? Imagine your business offers both a paid and free service.

Once someone has subscribed to your free service and done with all the steps, then use the thank you page to promote your paid service, probably even offer a discount. Use this space effectively and try to come up with creative ways to turn your free customer base into paid customers.

11. Unsubscribe Page

The most common reason people end up unsubscribing to a mailing list or service is because they get tired of seeing their inbox getting filled with emails they don’t want. So instead of letting them get away easily, provide them with a couple of options on the unsubscribe page like having the option to receive fewer emails.

A landing page more like a cover of the book that people would want to open. You have to make sure that the cover is impressive and the pages inside are worth giving a read too! Looking to develop convertible landing web page? Contact us.


Don’t mess it up! In simple words, we can say that keep your landing page to the point and clutter free. This is the page where visitors turn to customers, and a business earns revenue.

Creating a convertible landing page is not a rocket science. Of course the intention is to convert through landing page.