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14 Proven Ways to Increase Customer Conversion Rate

Just Total Tech
04 Nov 2015

Increasing traffic on your website is important. After getting traffic, if that doesn’t get converted, efforts seem wasted. Every website business owner wants their website visitors converted into a customer.

Understand who your customers are and who can be a potential customer. To convert visitors into potential customers the designing of your website should be effective that they at least check the service/product business is offering.

It would happen definitely that visitors will not turn to customers on the first visit. But if you created a website that users can easily find the solution, they will definitely remember it. You just need to target this audience give them a user experience that sticks in their minds and considers you first whenever they plan to purchase.

What is the conversion rate?

A Conversion rate is a ration. Total how much visitors you get on your website and from that how much becomes a customer is a conversion rate in simple terms.

There is a formula for conversion rate,

Conversion rate = Conversions / Visitors * 100

Every business owner wants their visitors to convert into a customer and improve customer service, but this is not an easy game as they think. Having a good conversion rate is always a positive signal of high sales volume and ultimately you can increase revenue.

After years of experience, here we have developed the list of conversion optimization techniques:

1. Tune the traffic

  • The content, keywords and the value proposition: Experts have been saying this loud and clear since the dawn of internet world that it’s the content that drives the user to your website. So let the content be fresh (like out of the oven) with perfect keywords.

Generate the value proposition that compels your user to buy the product from you. A clearly expressed and effectively communicated value proposition is always like a cherry on the cake.

  • Find out key traffic sources: Know the sources, and analyze it. Once you have the calculation, try to improve it to benefit the conversion funnel. Design your strategy properly to gain advantage of traffic.

2.  Go for A/B testing using the collected data

The one method that is in trend is the “A/B testing”.  Another word for this is ‘Split testing’. This is a feasible technique with which you can test the version of the pages (with different headings). Then decide on the final version of the pages.


  • To use A/B Testing, create 2 version of the same landing page. You can test the heading, page navigation, pay layout, the offer and the call to action wording.
  • After presenting 2 versions to 50% audience each, find out most effective one. Which landing page’s conversion rate was high?
  • Makes Easy to decide which landing page design is better. If you want more appropriate results, you can go further by testing more than one A/B testing.

3. Improve User Experience

One should focus on attracting users by providing ease of access while designing. If you are giving a hard time for users to access the information what they seek, it would result in losing sales. Shun the jargons and use simple and easy to read and understand language.

After all, you are writing for the people and not for the journalist. Some websites have such a complicated language that a user would have a ‘left out’ feeling. Instead of going further, he would prefer to get out of it (as quickly as possible). Designing an eye-catching website is important to attract customers.

4. Optimize Page Design

Design of your page matters more than you imagine. To design an effective page the focus should be on minimalist design. There are proved results of designing a page with a minimalist approach.

If people are not getting enough information or if there is a mess of unrelated information, it will increase the bounce rate. In short, create a web page that provides enough information about your business, not too much, not too less.

People easily switch from one to other in just seconds if they don’t find the page informative. Visuals, written information, the important button should be visible to customers, so they at least stick to the page and go for details on the first note.

5. Be active and live

Keep updating your content regularly and if you have the ‘recent updates/news or blog section’ then make it dynamic and active. Be professional, live (let users feel there are real people working behind the website and not robots).

Also be alert on recent updates on browsers. Your site needs to be working perfectly with each of the available browsers.

6. Describe product in details

Go for detailing. We have seen a number of websites where you just find Icons of the product. If you try to find details about the product, it is not there.

It is essential for E-commerce websites if customers are trying to find details about a product, make it easy to go in-depth for them. Make sure you are providing informative details and product description. It will definitely increase the conversion rate.

7. Add Customer reviews of satisfied customers

Research says, more than 60% people check online reviews of the product before purchase. It improves conversion when they find satisfactory reviews of the product.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” –Michael LeBoeuf

Not only reviews of satisfied customer, but you can also go for advisory reviews also. Also, add your answer to suggestions. It gives them assurance that the business owner is taking reviews seriously and understands the value of potential customers. It will boost conversion.

People rely on reviews and mouth publicity more than Owners presentation of product sometimes. Because they might think that no owner will say negative about their product/business. Checking reviews given by users will provide trusted reviews.

8. Easy to reach you

It should be easy for users to find out how to contact you, how to find information about your products/services, your location. It would result in making it easy for users to buy your products/services.

The contact button should be highlighted. Why make it difficult for your customers to reach to you? Not a single reason we have. You can go for live chat also. It can be

9. Your website should be user-friendly

Stop wasting users’ time by asking for more information about them. It would lead to empty shopping carts.


Moreover, you need to help them to guide them in making the action you want them to take. Every single page should be designed in such a way that they don’t feel confused and lost but find it extremely easy to roll onto the next step.

10. Use shorter format for forms

Don’t be too desperate to ask user’s number while creating an account. If you want to put a form it should be easy to fill. It should not be more time-consuming. Also, you should not ask for much information at the initial stage.

Make them create an account first, and then go for the next step. The less information they need to fill, the more inclined they will be to fill it.

11. Build Trust

Users are no doubt cautious when buying online, and with all the scams they have become smart. Add credibility to your offer by posting the testimonials, reviews of the real-time users.

You can add the videos or an experience shared by the users with their photos. Believe me; this builds a huge gap in the mind of users when they are in any dilemma with respect to the trust.

Building trust is important. Marketing Guru Zig Ziglar says People won’t purchase from you for 4 reasons: 1. No Need 2. No Money 3. Not in a Hurry 4. No Trust

Other reasons can vary from people to people but Building a Trust is in our hands. Assure them that products and services you are offering, people can rely on them for their needs.

“If you don’t like it, we take it back.”-  This sentence is just a savior. For people who fear about the product, they are using for the first time and not sure if they would like it, adding such sentence knock out any potential fear and increases the conversion.

12. Convince them, Add Videos

Add the demo of the products showcasing all the features that you are going to offer to any user. You can also add a business owner’s video to build trust. To make it different add customers review videos so that they can take real-time reviews.

Make a real-time video and let it stay as simple as you can. This will increase the trust and people would ponder over it seriously increases the chance of conversion rate.

13. Third Party review – Add Blog Section

Having a blog section, right?  So you can get your products to review from a reputed magazine or the blogger who is popular among the folks.  Share the link and let people read about it.

Also, you can write about anything related to your business, even roughly related. Be innovative, but stay connected to your product. It will also help your site to be found when they search for related solutions. So at the end of the day, it will help you to improve conversions.

14. Give them a reason to visit again

A User will conduct research each time while buying online. They should have reasons enough to re-visit your site. Know your USP, and work on showing it to the user. Unique products, better prices, great customer service – just pick your USP and show it all over your site.

If they have already consumed the product, make sure they come to you again for their next purchase. If for the first time they are not going for purchase, at least do something that it reminds them about your business in the future.

Final Words:

These are a few other ways also to increase conversion rate. To increase revenue, conversion is important. It would be worthless if you got a number of visitors, but not customers. So put your efforts in developing something worth investing.

Use the above-mentioned tips and keep your business going. Visitors have many other options but keeping them on your page and converting them into customers makes your efforts worthwhile. Don’t let them leave your page too soon and once they’ll stay on your page convert them into customers, if not today, at least try for future.