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9 App Development Myths That Are Stopping You From Growing

Just Total Tech
16 Jul 2015

With the booming trend of mobile applications, businesses are serious about having a mobile application. Today, a mobile app is mandatory to achieve the success that business aimed to.

Many people believe that the job of an app developer is not a big deal while a few believe the exact opposite. Well, I agree with the second opinion that developing a mobile app is not an easy task. A mobile app needs to be engaging and effective, giving the best user experience as well as matching steps with upgraded technology.

People have linked numerous myths with mobile application development. The mobile app development is still focused or surrounded by lots of misinformation, unnecessary stereotyped information and pre-conceived notions.

It’s the fact that the misconceptions and misinformation could result in serious disadvantages and consequences which could be harmful to customer as well business. The situations could result in complications from the beginning and till the thousands and hundreds of waste amounts.

Myths are a waste of time due to which they could stop or slow down the progression of any company. Though the list for the myths could be a bit longer, here I am concentrating on top 9 myths that need to be neglected during the app development process.

Myth 1: The overall progress for the application could be done in the starting of the project itself


It’s the fact that the customers do hesitate in working with any of the mobile companies. They have the illusion that every aspect with respect to the development should be discussed initially and the overall development map should be focused and targeted.

On the contrary – the fact is that the developers and programmers are having creative minds. They could move ahead by filling the gaps which the customer may be facing the mobile app process.

Discuss the development strategy at the earlier stage with the detailed information from client’s requirement. The developers could craft a new technique through which users could get their enhanced version. Developers should focus on improving the user experience.

Myth 2: Misconception with regards to the overall costing and the turnaround time frame


Most of the people do have faith that mobile development is quite simple due to which the applications could be created in a short span of time. Whereas the concept is not true and up to mark, you should not focus on the short-term goal which needs to be achieved by the company.

The Mobile app development process includes multiple steps starting from analysis, designing, development, launch, and measurement. There is no fixed period of time any particular step. Developers are making improvements at every stage; it takes time and cost both.

It’s an ongoing process which needs to be taken care of and plan the strategy based on it. When you are asking for the overall development cost, you just get an insight into the cost which could incur while the development takes place.

This does not mean that you’ll never know the costing and timeline. If you are working on a strict approach, you’ll absolutely get a time and cost hint of a Minimum viable product (MVP) which will help you decide the budget.

Myth 3: Mobile app development is just about coding


The common myth about app development is it’s about coding. But people should know that app development is that there is exposure beyond coding also. An app developer also has to understand the basic user experience, design, framework, architecture, cross-coding functionalities and more. The App developer has to consider the trends.


Developing code is important but it’s not the only thing an app developer looks in. an app developer has to develop an app that works on cross-platforms like Android, iOS also. During the development of an app, multiple stakeholders come in a way i.e. project managers, IT professionals, top management, developers etc. Co-ordination between all these things demands a well-planned strategy to offer front-line mobility solution.

Myth 4: A Larger investment with regards to infrastructure is required


Corporations are generally acting as the solution for every issue which is faced by the servers. With the Cloud-based technology offering scalable and secure solutions, the only reason for deploying the firewall behind mobile technique would be solutions.

In case your mobile technology is subject to the HIPAA, then do the checkout for the compliance checklist. We would be eager to showcase how you should move ahead with compliance by gaining the benefits of performance and reliability of cloud-based mobile app.

Myth 5: Co-relating the physical size of the app of mobile with that of development time


Depending on the size of the mobile, people feel that the development would be based on cost and speed. If it’s the single screen, then it should be easy and could be designed in a short span of time. But for sure it’s not at all true.

The kind of apps which are showcased in the portfolio must have taken ample time to make it implemented. Once they are successfully running the client ends. It is being showcased but, for that as well one needs to move forward with the blueprint and strategies accordingly. The entire development work is time taking and one needs to take care of it.

Myth 6: Impressive apps get the rating as 5 in the app store


It is unrealistic that the app which is having impressive looks is undoubtedly going to get the 5 stars in the play store. However, that is not at all true, even though looks matter; one needs to concentrate on the overall performance of the project or the platform which is developed on the mobile front. The application should be scalable.

The features like smooth running, glitch-free app and free-flowing are also points which are contributing a lot for enhancing the app’s rating on the play store. It definitely implies that the overall quality of the work into the applications is crucial when you are checking out for the mobile application developers.

Myth 7: Once the application is completed job’s done


Mobile applications are similar to snowflakes. Every application which enters the store is unique and genuine, but in case you are asking people to move to the snowflake and check with regards to your app is fairly tedious and would take time.

There are thousands of applications which are available in the store which is quite comparable to each other. Your customers will never know about your app if you do not inform them. You need to plan a strong marketing strategy to thrill users and make them download and use your app.

Uploading app on the app store is not an end, it is a starting point. You need to plan the strategy even after the app is on the store as there could be some changes which have to take place. Increasing your active users is way more difficult than developing an app.

Myth 8: Remarkable features results in successful applications


We are inclined towards the customers who are enthusiastic with features and ideas of the applications. It would be nice if we can add some remarkable features to it.

Before, adding the features you need to examine how helpful they could be when they are added successfully to the existing app. There are lot many enterprises hang up in features while they are ignoring those remarkable features.

Myth 9: Your marketing campaign will be a costly affair

There are two ways to generate traffic : A. Organic traffic B. Inorganic traffic. You can generate inorganic traffic by paid campaigns. Then it will be a costly affair. But have you noticed the successful apps like Facebook, the social media giant’s example. Their main source of publicity is Word of Mouth even though they invest in the paid campaign.


Paid campaigns are not effective all the time. It’s essential to draft an effective marketing campaign. Make sure you are reaching out all the available social media, user reviews, e-mail and other ways to make it impact. It’s not always costly if you invest it smartly, we can see results in a way of returns.


These are the myths that people have in their mind, which should be neglected. These are the myths that keep you away from success, Instead of that focus on developing a user-friendly app. To develop the mobile app, one needs to have a pre-planned strategy after discussion with the development team and the client’s interaction about their requirement.

With an innovative idea and its implementation, one can unfold success. Mobile app development can take your business to heights, so it’s essential not to follow myths.