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27 May 2015

Later in May, Google at its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, officially announced and updates, Android 6.0 “M” is expected to replace the current Android version Lollipop. Android M, must be now become the most awaited OS of this year.
Android M is following the concept of lollipop and it’s a redesign of Android L with some potentially game changing features & an improvised user experience.
A lot of rumours are floating in the market around what could be expected from this mysterious Android M

Following are the Great Secret Features that have been improved by Google developers:

1 App Permission & App Links

Android M changes the existing app permissions system which is less than optimal, by breaking down user permissions into specific categories, and making apps ask the user for permission only when access to a feature is required.

2 Full App State Backup

In Android M user sync with google account it will now automatically backup all app references and settings within Google Drive.

3 Redesigned, Searchable App Drawer

In Android M introduce heavily redesigned app drawer,For starters users can search for apps at the top of the app drawer.

4 System UI Tuner

In Android M users to customise quick access settings in the pull down Notification bar. It’s like aeroplane mode, auto-rotate, torch, hotspot, mobile signal and more can now be moved around or removed completely.

5 Uninstall Apps From The Homescreen

Finally Android user will able to uninstall apps directly from homescreens, Android L now gives the option to either remove the shortcut or uninstall the app completely.

6 Dark Theme

Android M will bring a new dark themes option to menus and settings which realigns it more closely with the colour scheme of Android KitKat.
There is also an ‘automatic’ option which will use the white theme during the day and switch to dark during the evenings.

7 Native Support For External Storage

Android M will go a step further in advance mode and treat microSD cards just like native storage.

8 Google Voice Access Search Lockscreen

Android M will quickly access to your phone’s dialler from the lockscreen in favour of quick access to Google Voice Search

9 5GHz Tethering

Android M providing superior performance of 5GHz WiFi would be felt, but given the rise of ever faster iterations of 4G this should future proof your tethering for a number of years.

10 Native A2DP Bluetooth Streaming

Native support for AptX in Android M, is a much higher quality Bluetooth streaming protocol already widely used by many device makers – including Samsung.

11 Mobile Payments

Android M will allow a greater degree of security as the transaction would be carried out through a new API . This means that users will be able to authorize Android Pay transactions both at stores and in apps using their fingerprint.

12 Fingerprint supports

In Android M App users will be able to use a user’s fingerprint for verification, which is currently not feasible on other Android devices.

13 Battery stability :- Power and Charging

The operating system will scale back background activity in order to reduce power usage. Google claims that with this feature in android M, they will observed up to 2x longer idle battery life.

Android M 6.0 Update Devices Lists :-