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10 Surefire Strategies to Improve Business Using Mobile Technology

Just Total Tech
18 Jun 2015

Mobile isn’t just a communication device anymore, it has revolutionized the world. Especially the business world is affected vastly through mobile technology. So you must not miss out the use of a mobile device in business, if you do so you’re missing out huge opportunity to reach to your audience.

Mobile gave more choices in a smaller screen to expand and reach a global audience. Every business is turning towards mobile-first technology. Mobile devices have changed the way everything works including the business world.

Companies are paying more attention than ever to the eve- growing mobile platform and exploit the huge user base it carries along with it.

We are here to help you get started on expanding your business through mobile devices. Following are 10 surefire strategies that will help your business win on mobile devices.

1. Mobile Websites

Today, websites are more interactive than ever and provide users with a plethora of options. But the way a user uses a website on his desktop/laptop and his handheld mobile device is quite different.

The smaller screen couples with less power and touch as the primary form of input poses a variety of challenges. Hence, one should set-up a sub-domain specifically for the mobile version of its website that does not only touch friendly bus less cluttered and loads quickly.

The Advantage of mobile website is users don’t require downloading it. And most of the web devices can access it. So if it is set properly, you can track the user and optimize your website.

2. Mobile Apps

Do you want to check out the correct form of the exercise that will help you tone your abs muscle? Don’t worry there is a mobile app for that. Do you want to buy exotic stones from halfway across the world? There is an app for that too. Do you just want to send a “Yo” to a friend sitting across the table from you? We kid you not when we tell you that there is an app for that too.


Almost every successful business has its own mobile application that lets its user access its services directly. Get your business out there through an app. It requires a user to download it.

Once you develop your app it provides your user enhanced functionality. The Mobile application provides your business a facility to cater your specific customers.

3. Promotional Offers and Coupons

Various businesses provide its customers with various promotional offers and discount coupons directly via their phones to appeal more to them.

There are a number of online services like that lets small businesses come up with their own coupons and offer them to its customers on their phones.

This lets small businesses compete with the big names in the market. This is a type of online marketing so you don’t need to invest huge amount for advertisement.

Mobile and internet give you a huge platform to organize your business.

4. Social Media Marketing

An average person spends 2-3 hours per day on various social networks. So why not use this time to let them know about your mobile presence?

Create a Facebook page, set up a Twitter handle, make an Instagram account, have your LinkedIn circle and create an online presence across all the social media platforms and talk about your mobile presence.

Organize giveaways and competitions for the first to download to your mobile app.

Make sure while promoting your business on social media, it should be entertaining and interesting. People are not on social media to listen to speeches and advertisement everywhere.

Make your content mobile-friendly. The content should be filled with images and videos. Every business needs to take help of mobile, its mandatory. And mobiles are overtaking desktop and laptops a responsive web design is necessary, which can be accessed on all size of devices.

5. Dedicated Customer Service

A dedicated and well-trained IT staff is the essential backbone of deploying any mobile strategy.

Make sure that before your mobile services go online, you have a team of dedicated employees who are not only well trained but also have enough experience to handle any technical issues that might crop up.

There should also be a customer support service in place that will help your clients solve any issues they might be facing.

There are a number of services that can be used to make the communication between your staff and customers more efficient including instant messaging and video calling.

6. Mobile payment option is a must

To make it more convenient payments for your business and customers you must accept mobile payments. There are a number of mobile wallet options available such as Google pay, Amazon pay, and Apple pay.

These giants have invested in mobile payment so you can understand the importance of online payment. It increases convenience if you are selling products online.

Mobiles made payments easy, and not it’s more secured so people feel free to pay online.

7. Monetizing the Mobile App

One of the most effective strategies to make money through the mobile platform is monetizing your mobile application. You can start by offering a free version of your application that has some features locked down which can only be accessed after a person buys the premium version.

Another option is to provide your customers with various in-app purchases. Choose between one of the two or come up with a creative method to make money out of your application.

Whatsapp is the perfect example of an application that everybody wants to pay for. Remember, if you are good at something, don’t do it for free.

8. Mobile Marketing

According to InsightExpress, advertisements served directly to your phone are five times more effective than Internet ads.

Mobile ads are distraction in the sense that they are directly served to the mobile phone in your potential customer’s hand. So you need to be sure that you are not invading their privacy.


You can also use personalized SMS service so that your users feel engaged. Service calls can be a useful technique. You can make a survey using mobile by calling your exciting users regarding your current product and service.

9. Targeted Advertisements

Most businesses have a targeted audience as most of the products have their own niche. Use this to your advantage.

There are various companies in the market that help you get directly to your target audience via mobile phones by screening people, according to their online activities including the mobile browsing pattern and the sites they visit.

What is the point in trying to sell dog shampoo to someone who doesn’t even own a dog, right? These services cut down your work for you and help shorten your potential client list. Mobile phones have become the new way to go ahead.

With the new mobile-friendly algorithm by Google, it has become necessary for businesses to take this domain more seriously. If so then what are you waiting for? Share your app development ideas and we will convert it into mobile apps.

10. Location Based Ads

GPS system in mobiles let you use location-based advertisement. If you want to cater local audience than you can use location-based ads because it increases conversion ratio.

People immediately respond to local business. By using location service, you can produce location-based ads so it can send to a specific audience of a specific location according to their preferences.

Research says 97% of customers search for local online business because they have trust issues sometimes. So it can be solved by using location-based ads, it makes navigation easy for users.