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CUBRID – Best scalable database management system

Just Total Tech
06 Dec 2018

Cubrid with several enterprise level features such as High-Availability, Database Sharding, Online and offline backups, is the most optimized open source database management system for Web Applications. CUBRID is scalable with varying data size and number of users  as it is optimized for high- traffic Websites and it supports a native DB sharding solution which enables division of data over multiple database instances by large systems with maintenance efficiency.

CUBRID SHARD is middleware which uses JDBC or CUBRID C API to minimize changes in existing applications by providing access to transparently sharded data. With configuration on several shard DBs like MySQL, Oracle as well as CUBRID, it guarantees the unique characteristics of certain transactions.CUBRID SHARD is simply positioned between an application and logically, or physically, split shards. It sends request from applications to the appropriate shard and subsequently returns results to the applications. It basically comprises of three processes:
  • Shard broker, which considering load balancing policy sends the received request from JDBC/CCI drivers to shard proxy.
  • Shard proxy, which returns the processing result to application after sending request from driver.
  • Shard CAS, forms a connection with the split shard DB and after receiving user request from shard proxy, processes it.

Along with scalability with CUBRID shard and consistent transaction support, CUBRID supports extended SQL syntax and several GUI tools and drivers for the ease of development in languages like JDBC,PHP,Perl,Ruby,Pyhton:


  • CUBRID Query Browser (CQB) is the lightweight version of the CUBRID Manager, provides faster solution to execute SQL statements,  and manage tables more conveniently.
  • CUBRID Manager (CM) is the most powerful database administration tool developed with DBAs in mind. It has a intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and provides powerful tools to manage the databases, brokers, execute queries and view their results.
  • CUBRID Web Manager (CWM) is the most powerful web-based database administration tool developed for CUBRID DBAs.
  •  CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) is a software tool which allows to migrate data from MySQL/Oracle/CUBRID to CUBRID Database Server.


Due to its accuracy and high availability and predictable automatic fail-over and fail-back features based on a native CUBRID Hearbeat technology, Enterprise solution providers choose CUBRID over other open source RDBMS.

CUBRID is a relational database system with object extensions. In addition to being a full-featured relational DBMS, it also supports collection types. The architectural solution adopted by CUBRID has a multi-process approach.

Along with the existing features, CUBRID paves advancement to technology by providing several versions with new characteristics and innovations:

  • CUBRID 9.3.0 with new features are involved with several database aspects SQL, HA, Administrative Convenience, Utility and Driver. CUBRID 9.3.0 provides improvements in HA environment by allowing a broker to connect only to replica, adding a parameter that sets the broker to access only to the replica, adding an option to write on the slave DB or the replica DB to CSQL and adding a utility for shrinking the replicating time.
  • The heart bleed vulnerability patch of CUBRID Manager Server is released.
  • CUBRID Migration Toolkit v2013.05 has been released with UI improvements.
  • To roll out loads of improvements and bug fixes, CUBRID PHP and PDO drivers are updated.