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Google search knowledge graph

Just Total Tech
06 Dec 2018

Whenever you desire to search queries or solutions to complex questions, your first smart choice is Google. You might see a section to the right or just above your search results that highlights facts, photos, and other pieces of information about your search. These results come from the Knowledge Graph, and you can use these results to find quick information or start exploring related subjects. The Knowledge Graph “covers 570 million entities, 18 billion facts and connections, and about three times as many queries globally as when we first launched it”.

Google has enhanced its knowledge graph in much smarter way with some alterations and filters and it also compares two knowledge graph items side by side. It is to provide solutions to complex queries and thus enhances search engine results with well-formed search information gathered from a variety of sources.  Google has added a new filter tool and comparisons as search giant continues to expand its knowledge graph search results.

Google knowledge graph is a linked data base that showcases answers considering all small big information related to a matter or context. Knowledge Graph won’t be restricted to browser-based searches. Google is currently rolling out Knowledge Graph search results to most devices running Android 2.2 or higher in the Quick Search box and browser-based searchers. Knowledge Graph search results will also be introduced to forthcoming versions of Google’s search app for iOS devices. Google search graph mainly helps you in finding right things, getting the best summary and helping you in searching the context deeper and broader.

Google’s knowledge graph provides several options and hence better ways for easy understanding but at the same time crowd sourcing has its dangers as there can be number of cases where “the crowd’s” perception of facts are wrong. Knowledge graph is basically a source to understand facts about people, places and things and how these entities are all connected. Google knowledge graph helps you to understand the relation between things and thus adds intelligence in the details and information being searched by people. It’s just to make you feel and enjoy the long journey of discovery and thus helps you in saving time and resources. Information given by Google graph consists of personal information, episodes and cast information, image carousel, tourist attractions carousel, points of interest and many more. Google manages to provide all the gathered information from third parties like Wikipedia and Cia World Facebook as even Google does not know everything about everything.

Thus information from the knowledge search graph is available on your desktop, tablet and your smartphone and you will have most common, known and familiar solutions at your fingertips which is actually much beneficial and worth using.