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5 Ways How Beacons Can Increase Conversion Rates

Just Total Tech
06 Dec 2018

In recent times there is a considerable increase in the number of customers opting for online shopping but the retail market has still been able to hold a major portion. Hence, there is an emerging trend where customers are attracted for offline shopping through the online marketing. Many companies have successfully used beacons to drive in more sales and it has really proved to be useful for the retailers. Many firms have implemented this technology and have been benefited by its usage.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are low powered battery operated sensors that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). They communicate and transmit data to mobile devices enabled with Bluetooth. Apps on smartphones pick up such signals and can perform various actions based on the ID. Retailers can use beacons to send location-based content to the people while they are near to the store or have entered the store.

Here, we have discussed 5 ways of how beacons can be helpful to increase the conversion rate at stores:

1.     Increases awareness

Beacons can be used to increase the awareness about the availability of a particular store or product to the targeted customers. The firms can use beacons to communicate the launch of a new product to the customer and attract them to try new product and visit the store. For example: In Turkey, Istanbul Mc’Donalds had used beacons to deliver coupons, offers and promotions to the customer when they visited the store. It helped to increase the conversion rate by 20%.

2. Increases customer loyalty

Beacons can be sued to capture all the details about the customers like the visits made to the store, promotions redeemed, products purchased and other similar shopping habits of the customers. These details can be used while promoting new products to the customers and can help to drive in more sales. Owing to the personalized approach the customers are likely to make the repeat purchases and become loyal to the particular brand. As per the report of Business insider, the technology was expected to influence more than $4 billion of U.S. retail sales in 2015, and is expected to climb tenfold in 2016.

3. Provides customized experience

Beacons when used in integration with the stores app can be of real aid in providing the personalized experience to the customer. They can be used to offer the customers discounts or offers on the products that had been purchased earlier by the customer. Getting attractive offers can tempt the customers to make the purchase and increases the conversion rate for the retailers. Beacons are also used to guide the customers within the store regarding the placement or availability of the desired product. Beacons can help to track the departments visited by the customers and the time spent at the place. These details can be useful for the staff while attending the customer during the next visit.

4. Alerts the salesperson

Beacon sensor can be used to alert the salesperson about the customer’s arrival. After integrating beacon with crm software, salesperson can access the details about the customer and can help the customer in finding the required product. It enhances the chances of providing good customer service and also increases the customer engagement. If the customer will be satisfied with the customer service than there are chances that they will make frequent visits to the store and also make multiple purchases. So beacons provide an opportunity to the salesperson to deliver as per the expectations of the customers.

5. Enhance in-store experience

Beacons can be used to guide the customers to acquire the desired product or service while they are in the store. It makes it easier for the customer to find for a particular product from the piles of product and eliminates the need to traverse different floors. It enhances the in-store experience for the customers as they need not to wait for the agents to avail the product. Hence, beacons can be used wisely to make the in-store experience more delightful for the customers.


Beacons can offer immense benefits to the retailers as well as customers. It allows the retailers to send tailored messages to the customers and attract them to visit the store. Moreover, it is cost effective and can be used to increase the productivity and sales of the company.

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