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10 Best Practices to Improve Customer Support With Help Desk Software

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08 Jan 2018

Offering a top-rate customer support and resolve issues and queries promptly and satisfactorily is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

Help desk software solutions enable an organization to quickly rectify customer problems. Help desk software solutions enable you to provide fast response times to quickly rectify customer problems.

Increased Satisfied customers are sure to provide repeat business and also recommend your product or service to their circle.

Helpdesk platforms are therefore being widely used and the worldwide help desk automation market is predicted to grow at a compound annual rate of 49.3% during the years 2014 to 2019.

What does help desk software do?

Basically, call center agents use help desk software to manage their customer service activity; but it’s wider than that.

Starting from business performance tracking to textual analysis of live chat sessions can be handled through the support ticket system.

The main users of help desk software will be customer service representatives, dealing with inquiries and problems from customers.

Mostly the focus of Helpdesk software will be on the idea of ticketing system when any query has raised a record or ‘Ticket’ it generates, and the ticket is updated and tracked until the query is solved.

In this article, we provide reasons why & how you should invest in a good help desk product.

1. Choose the right software

First of all, you need to have powerful help desk software to provide great customer support.

Good systems automate the majority of processes. It will reduce the amount of manual work involved, which consumes a lot of time that agents devote to communication with customer on a one-on-one basis.

Small & Startup business is using an all-in-one CRM, such as Aquire CRM because its advanced system will provide help desk features built into the Main CRM solution.

It will enable everyone to have an insight into the issue customers are going through. It will also make available previous interactions with customers, as a result it will help them to understand the background of a customer.

2. Anywhere, Anytime Access

Web-based help desk programs enable you to access tickets and support requests from anywhere, on any device. This helps you to provide a quick response to emergency queries from valuable clients.

Anytime support ability can thus improve your capacity to manage customer issues proficiently. You can improve your response times and also ensure no ticket is missed.

3. Utilize Mobile Apps & Omnichannel customer experience

Top help desk software vendors offer native mobile apps for popular platforms such as Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS. This means you can provide a response to important tickets and evaluate your agents even from the field.

Mobile apps enable you to easily manage remote employees who may work at different times.


You can easily access the help desk platform using your mobile device to fix problems quickly and ensure your customer support operations run smoothly.

An omnichannel customer experience is a system that connects various channels so that customers can start where they left off on other channel and continue the experience on another.

Nowadays, systems can support an end number of channels like e-mail, web, video, voice and digital. Carrying multiple channels in a single communication is the perfect omnichannel customer experience – expected by today’s customers.

4. Employ Remote Support Agents

The remote revolution is changing the global business world. Now, you can hire remote workers who may be based anywhere in the world. They can access your help desk system from their home and provide responses to customer tickets easily.

This gives your company greater flexibility and a worldwide talent pool to select from. The remote support agents will also appreciate the convenience and flexibility of working from home.

5. Detailed Reports

Another advantage of online help desk products is they provide you in-depth and insightful reports and stats on a range of metrics.

You can generate detailed employee work reports to understand the productivity of every agent.

The software provides reporting and insights that enable managers to pinpoint these obstacles and make the necessary changes to enhance the support quality.

Also, it will also have consumer’s previous data automatically on the screen when they call again.

It will help to track their past issues, so the representative can help them after studying their background and help them accordingly and also get easy access to FAQ’s if it is related to the past problem.

It will help to save time, fewer chances of missing any customer, and will help to focus on complicated matters.

6. Reward Good Performers

Employees need motivation and recognition to give their best. Help desk software provides stats to help you identify your top performing agents.

You can encourage them to continue to do a good job by providing monetary incentives, promotions, and other rewards.

High level of employee satisfaction will reduce turnover, save cost, save time, improve customer satisfaction, higher first contact resolution rates.

So, Rewarding good performers will ensure a consistent level of employee satisfaction, and ultimately it will increase goodwill of an organization and employer.

7. Quicker Response Times

“Go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.”  – Jerry Bruckner, Author the Success Formula for Personal Growth

An online help desk solution helps you to provide faster responses to support requests and queries. Top help desk platforms have an inbuilt workflow that enables your agents to easily escalate tickets, offer quicker responses to common queries, and ensure each ticket is directed to the right person quickly.

However, Quicker response time can earn the appreciation and continued patronage of your customers.

Help desk software also helps to reach the particular customer’s query to the representative who previously handled the same customer if available, who understands the problem better.

8. Live Chat Feature

Top help desk programs offer a live chat tool that enables you to engage your consumers in real time. You can start a chat window with visitors on your website and provide quick help when they ask for it.

This positive engagement tells your customers you care for their needs and can help to minimize abandoned carts.

Live chat improve helpdesk software

Your customer support becomes proactive as you can solve problems as they come up which tells your customers they are valued and appreciated.

Customers get personalized touch with Live chat, voice & video calling, co-browsing. It will also reduce confusion of agents and they can handle several customers at a time.

9. Support on Social Media

Help desk solutions enable you to provide support on social networks. You can thus reach out to more customers and improve your brand and company recognition on the internet.

For instance, you can engage customers on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Manage consumer interactions on these sites and coordinate the information and responses you provide.

As a result, your customers will get the opportunity to connect more closely with your company and even become your brand ambassadors.

Social media sites also become online user communities and they provide consumers with a searchable database of queries.

10. Don’t forget to Ask for feedback

Customers feedback is the most significant to measure your customer support systems success.

Send tiny online surveys after each ticket get solved to understand customer’s satisfaction level. It will help an organization to understand are their efforts are worth doing or a gap is still there between customers expectations & service provided by them.

The Most important task is to review the feedback given by customers and implement the changes.

Do not forget to inform the customers also after implementing the change they suggested, so that it will make them feel more valuable, and they will please to know that their feedback is being reviewed.


There are numerous help desk and support solutions available and all are not equal in the features and tools they offer.

Keep track of the latest customer service trends to make effective use of the software product you select. Feel free to contribute your opinions on this article and customer support in general in the space below.