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iPhone Game Application Development framework

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09 Jan 2014

The gaming industry will likely to be valued at 128.5 billion by 2020 globally, wherein mobile will acquire more than 50% of market share. With Technological innovations like Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), these numbers are going to grow further in the favor of mobile. Artificial intelligence is playing a big role in technological developments.

Richer graphics, user interactivity, and high retina display, all these features have changed the complete scenario of mobile gaming. iPhone game app development incorporates high-performance graphics, bug-free coding, strong core game mechanics and extensive testing.

The iPhone game development market is one of the most competitive platforms today. Any iPhone Game App today is competing with thousand other gaming apps vying for the top 10 places. Ensuring high-performance graphics conjointly appealing display and top-notch iPhone game programming, today iPhone developers are giving a new definition to iPhone game development.

You need to focus mainly on some points to create the best iPhone game development.

1. The Idea should be original

Try to pick or prefer an original idea. Although it takes several days or even months but does not ignore it, rather an original idea will help you more to stand up to the expectations. An original idea helps you to make a difference. If you copy the idea from other apps than you’ll have to face competition from starting because what you are choosing is already exist.

2. Select the right tool

Once you get a clear idea for the app, the next step is to select the tool to develop an app. You don’t need to have all the knowledge about programming to develop an app. There are tools available to develop an app, and it will help you to build an app.


There are also tools that will help you to build apps without programming. You can use drag and drop game creation library. This will enable you to develop a game without any programming knowledge and is basically meant for iPhones. You might find writing games in flash is comparatively easy than using standard language C for iPhone development.

Other than without programming tools, there are free tools that will help you to build apps with great graphics, and user interface. There are a lot of tools available like Unity, Corona SDK,  SpriteKit, Cocos2dx, Unreal Engine 4 and a few other most popular and useful tools for game development.

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3. Go for outsourcing when you are unable to do something

It is not necessary to do everything on own when you are doing business. Outsource anything when you are unable to do that. Or hiring an outsourcing firm to distribute some work will reduce your burden.

You can post your idea to related websites; you can hire a programmer outside who can help you at basic steps and you can also share your ideas with one who has more knowledge and experience. The more you explore yourself, the more good result you will have.

4. Use free tutorials

An online free tutorial helps a lot in developing iPhone game app. There are many free tutorials available in iOS programming. A lot of guides is available on iOS programming.

If you are stuck in some problem you may find the solution from tutorials. You’ll find FAQ’s answers from there.

5. The Game should be challenging

Make sure the game you are designing is challenging and will survive in the competitive market. The players are hunting for games that are quite unique, different and interesting. It should be difficult but also fair at easy pick and play.


After figuring out the basic mechanism the biggest problem is the structure. It is difficult to turn the original concept into a challenging game that makes the user experience easy to play as well.

The game should be challenging enough to thrill the users but it should also be that easier that they can take that challenge. So when they complete the levels they also feel appreciated and create a hunger in users to come again.

6. Give a thought to iPhone-specific features

Don’t forget to put uniqueness of iPhone when you are specifically developing a game for iPhone. The most successful games on iPhone app store are those specifically build for iPhone.

Give a thought to iPhone’s features and how its unique controls can play an essential role in your game. Utilize the special features of iPhone that can give special effects to your app game.

7. Incorporate free sound effects

Try to incorporate free sound effects and high graphics that attract players. The sound should not be annoying, rather it should be soothing and cheering. You can take the opinion of other people as well.

Sound effects are most important in game development. It gives a special touch to the game. Making a sound or selecting the sound from other tools is quite difficult.

8. Feedback is requisite

After designing your game, try to get feedback about it from other people. You are blank or might be confused, whether people will like it or reject it.

Give your 100% and be honest to your dedication and also be an optimist about feedback. Do not rely on your friends about its feedback and try to resolve the issues rather than getting frustrated.

You can easily find beta testers on iPhone forums who will be willing to play your game and give you feedback for free.

9. Involve Video Making

Next, make a small video of it to get it added to the game tutorial. I think video making is a worthy act. It will enormously help people to understand the game and also will help them to stick to your development for a long time. It will improve the user experience.

A video of a minute can give the glimpse of your users about your app. You can also add one page tutorial for the users who skipped the video.

10. Market the game

All these footfalls, market your video to an extent that everyone comes to know about it. There are millions of games available in the app store, users are not aware of all of them. Marketing is mandatory to drag their attention towards your game.

It doesn’t matter how pretty your game is, without fantastic market value. Focus on it and try to achieve the best market results and at App store.

Don’t forget to check app reviews after release.

Also, keep in mind-

  • Learn how to develop iPhone games that provide engaging user experiences
  • Become familiar with Objective-C and the Xcode suite of tools
  • Learn what it takes to adapt the iPhone interface to games
  • Create a robust, scalable framework for a game app
  • Understand the requirements for implementing 2D and 3D graphics
  • Learn how to add music and audio effects, as well as menus and controls
  • Get instructions for publishing your game to the App Store

Final Words:

Thus, making memorable games that engage and delight users requires not just great technical chops, but a creative mindset and compelling storytelling. Follow the above steps to develop an iPhone game app.

It is evaluated that market for iPhone game is one of the topmost markets to put your steps in. therefore it is the time to use this platform to grow your app business.