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Top 16 Reasons: Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

Just Total Tech
26 Feb 2014

Mobile Apps are revolutionary changing the Mobile World, and hence have become very much important for businesses and entrepreneurs. Mobile apps at the same time persists difficulty in the digital era.

Countless apps and their participation into various businesses are being seen. But an important question is if these applications are actually fruitful or if businesses just trying to be part of the running common crowd.

If you are really interested in framing a good structure with mobile apps, be clear about your plans and strategies around it to know it and to let it and yourself known globally.

Whether it’s small business or a big corporate company, what I will suggest you that mobile is the advanced and latest borderland. Mobile apps are not only responsible for 100 % customer engagement but also for user’s service and support.

Benefits of Mobile apps for Business:

1. Loyalty of customers increases

You can use the first chance to build a loyal customer base. How many customers come back to you for the second purchase matters a lot in business. Customer loyalty can be increase once you give them the expected service with extra benefits. The product or service should be served with minimum errors. Loyal customer base increase your market value. They automatically do your word of mouth promotion.

2. Feedback and reviews

Customer feedback and reviews of your service gives you ground reality check. It provides you information where you need to do improvisation. It helps you to feel the gaps. When you give importance to customer feedback and reviews, it also makes them feel important and a part of business. It leaves a great impression of your brand in the minds of customers.

3. Helps to promote business

Mobile apps let you promoting your business accessories and popularize your business in much better and precise way. Mobile apps necessarily provide a kind of creativity that is important for a business in gathering additional customer information.

4. Engages with customers

Mobile Apps help you to be with audience as spending more and more time on smart phones it will be a better source in knowing well about their choices and demands and hence mobile apps can edge your business level and to reach much higher extent.


5. Mobile payments made payments easier

We all have noticed the changing payment methods of customers. They now prefer paying online using their mobile wallets. So it benefits the business as well because you don’t need to wait for the payments. It is also convenient for customers to pay online. The only concern is security of data, towards which developer’s are working to strengthen the security system.

6. New streams to earn revenue

Mobile apps are exploring new stream for business to earn revenue. It touches the untouched streams and spreading awareness to customers too. Customers were completely unaware about some products and services, mobile apps are driving their attention towards that untouched area. Ultimately it benefits business to earn more revenue.

7. Look at the successful mobile apps

A compatible mobile application must feature an interface that focuses on usability. You just need to follow the general application hierarchy of widely used apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

8. Stand out from the competitors

Mobile apps set you apart from competitors. You can effectively take advantage of your mobile app for communication and marketing. By the time your competitors understand the importance of mobile app, you have captures the cream customers and a potential customer base.

9. Deliver service on real time

Mobile apps let a business deliver service on real time. It generates business in real time through coupons, blog posts, eBooks, sales guide, case study etc. you can make your customers aware about your presence through push notifications. The key is to make these activities absolutely relevant and not promotional.

10. Turn social media platform to marketing platform

Social media marketing is almost depended upon Smartphone. Mobile apps are ideal to engage in social circles of the users. Social media can be a strongest marketing platform one can have. Use different social media platforms where you think your users can be and you can find new potential users as well. You can give them direct option of sign in from social media.


11. Customization helps

There should be customization settings for your app like, colors, font sizes, privacy settings and many more. Try to keep your app simple and smart in all the possible ways, it should be good looking. Also cool with couple of complicated yet simple features.

12. Keep it simple

Always go for an app remembering a smart phone in mind. Remember phone to phone connection and hence try to maintain relevancy. Try to avoid or ignore unnecessary clicks, include analytics and offline capabilities.

13. Thrill your users

Go with Gamification for better interaction and thrill while using an app. Give priority to the speed and to make sure the stability and comfort level of users over app for a long time.

14. Large customer base

Mobile apps are like Google search, as people always have tendency to search apps in their app store and thus your business app can also reach to larger people the same way. It is like website, as everyone would be searching their needs in the mobile store.

15. Creates different image than competitors

Having your app gives you an additional visibility and creates a different personality or image in the market. It is also helpful in earning more credit from mobile sources.

16. Instant solution

Mobile apps are giving real time solution to the queries of customers by Livechat and Chatbot. During a purchase or visit, if customers feel any questions to ask they can contact customer representatives in real time and can get solution immediately. It increases sales, as customers don’t need to wait for the responses. It also reduces customer ration of switching from one app to other for solutions.


Thus, the mobile app is an important part of the business world. However, some businesses are still unaware of its benefits or advantages. You just need to think of creative ways to capture attention, to enhance your offerings, to attract people to buy; to make life easier for your customers and you will acquire the results.

As the business world is constantly changing, you must work hard to stand out from the crowd and thus change your business lifestyle to attract and retain customers.