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How Mobile Apps Could Change Health Care

Just Total Tech
06 Dec 2018

Mobile apps now-a-days are in very much use in every aspect of life and from every point of view. Mobile apps to an extent have changed the Health Care services as these are very useful to doctors in getting easy and fast solutions and also recommend variety of elements that can be used as alternative. Medicals apps in mobile apps help physicians become nearly omniscient and omnipresent. It makes the sense of availability of solution and resources whenever and wherever needed and also in getting best solutions out of them.

With the help of smartphones not only person’s heart can be read but also these have been successfully used resulting into positive and excellent outcomes and have replaced some of the medical machines too. In all ways smart phones and mobile apps are changing the lives of doctors and patients and also Health Care Unit at various medical places. If we go through feedbacks of doctors, we come to know that they also prefer mobile apps for saving time and have the potential to make Health Care more efficient by Speeding Diagnosis, Improving Patient Monitoring and reducing unnecessary visits to a Physician and Hospital. Many solutions are on the way and are expected to be vast and more beneficial.

Meanwhile, a huge range of smartphones and mobile apps like iPhone apps and Android apps are available, successfully devoting in changing Health Care services. Through some self-tracking devices, goal of improving health and managing diseases is getting real. The App Store and the Android Market boast thousands of medical apps and more than 3,660 medical apps are available to iPhone users alone.

 IPhones have showed excellent results and is serving at its best to Health Care Unit. IPhone as Otoscope or say, The Otoscope using the iPhone is also called the Remotoscope, and sometimes Cellscope.  The versatile ole iPhone is used to, not only view the inner ear with magnification, but also take pictures, to send to doctors, or specialists, from home or remote areas.  It is approved by the FDA. In addition, iPhone as a Glucometer, or say, IBG star is a blood glucose meter plug-in for the iPhone. There is an IBG Star Diabetes Manager App that tracks blood glucose, carbohydrate intake, and insulin dose. Besides it, iPhones are also used to measure blood pressure. This iPhone peripheral blood pressure cuff, does readings, and the app is programmed to record the readings, time of day, and keeps a log.  Also allows you to send your record to where ever you wish, including to your doctor.  This device allows a truer measure of blood pressure, avoiding “white-coat hypertension” or having falsely high readings at a doctor’s office. Along with aforementioned uses, there are multiple uses available which are beneficial and worth using.

Let’s have a glimpse of some medical apps used by doctors-


This portable heart monitor and app runs on a patient's smartphone to produce electrocardiograms. Patients place their fingers over the monitor's sensors, which wirelessly communicate with the phone to produce the EKG.


One of the oldest and most established medical apps; it gives doctors basic information about drugs, the right dosing for adults and children, and warnings about harmful interactions.


Doctors can look at X-rays and other images on a smartphone or tablet when they use this app. Some doctors say the app is handy for viewing images as soon as they're available, no matter where the doctor happens to be.

Now we are well aware of the most beneficial medical apps that not only serve in changing Health Care Services but also life of many. Mobile apps are some where boon to a society. Tremendous growth is expected in coming 5 years. Looking forward at their advantages, do not get completely dependent on apps but use them to have better solution in curing and managing problems and diseases. I hope that apps may change behavior but not professionalism and nature.