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Nexus 6: Prime release date, news and rumors

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04 Sep 2014

The Motorola “Shamu” having  5.9-inch screen, a fingerprint sensor is reported to be new Nexus smartphone after iphone 6 and is supposed to be next Android smartphone from Google. Nexus X has been rumoured with its features, performance and price. According to the techsites, this new Nexus smartphone is Nexus 6 but it can be named as Nexus X or Nexus 5 by Google. Earlier, Nexus was rumoured to be manufactured by LG but after statement of LG global communications director Ken Hong, rumor  was spurred and lately  in  July,it is reported by Android Police that a Nexus 6  will come from Motorola and it is in work .

Nexus 6: Prime Release date and price

It has been a trend of big tech firms to launch a smartphone each year, same is the thing with Google’s Nexus range. The  senior vice president, Sundar Pichai stated that Nexus X (Nexus 6) would not launch in the first half of 2014. But we can expect to see the smartphone in  October or November of this year. New Android Silver line was earlier suspected to be discontinued but later it was declared as an encouragement to manufacturers to use bulid materials of higher quality keeping an eye on style specifications of Google. It has been heared that the Nexus X (Nexus 6) will be launching this year around the same time as  Nexus 5 was hitting stores in November of 2013. Talking about price, the Nexus X is estimated to cost around 419 Euro.

Nexus 6: Operating system

Google has always come up with some hardware along with its new version.The Nexus 6 could be dubbed forthcoming Android (aka Lollipop) or Android 4.5 and can be the first device to run the next version of Google’s operating system. Nexux 6 will be ushered with the next instalment of Android KitKat which was there in Nexus 5. According to the latest information from TK Tech News, the Nexus X will become running Android 5 Lemon Meringue Pie instead of Lollipop.

Nexus 6: Specs

Android Police says Motorola can be a possible partner for the Nexus X (Nexus 6), despite being sold to Lenovo and it will have a phablet sized 5.9 inches  screen and will arrive in November.

According to IBT reports  the Nexus X to bring it into line with the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the specs like   5.5 inches QHD display,  1440×2560 resolution, Octa-core 64-bit processor,  Fingerprint scanner, IP67-certified dust-proof and water-resistant device. The specs are rumoured, but the specification is for sure that Google will maintain its standard  and a Nexus device with all above features would be impressive with a low price.


Nexus 6: Performance

According to the reports of benchmarks by  GFXBench,  the Motorola Shamu or Nexus 6 scored 11.5fps, just slightly below the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, but it is claimed to be faster than the Sony Xperia Z2 and LG G3.