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Are You All Set to Explore MS Windows 10?

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06 Dec 2018

MS Windows is one of the most user-friendly and highly preferred operating system by every age group. From the decades, people are enjoying working on its distinct versions i.e. right from the Windows 98 to windows 8.

As per the market updates, Microsoft is all set to launch it’s the latest operating system Windows 10. Indeed every PC expert and IT pro is having adrenal rush to explore this launch.

This time Microsoft is planning to introduce this new operating system with an unexpected and unusual launch strategy.

MS Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has introduced a new platform for all those PC experts who are excited to experience the Windows 10 OS before its actual launch. Windows 10 Technical Preview is recently, launched by Microsoft.

All the interested aspirants can join and download this Technical preview and grab the latest updated about Windows 10 features. Microsoft has announced that this Technical Preview will be the first platform where all the updates will be published. Hence, technocrats who have joined this platform will be able to get all the information before anybody else will have.

There are certain pre and post installation guidelines provided for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

How it helps you?

This time with Windows 10, Microsoft intends to launch an operating system which fits into the sleeves of its users. This Technical preview will involve the PC users directly into the making of this OS and provide them a feedback application.

This feedback app will allow them to submit their instant feedback for various apps available in the Technical Preview. Microsoft will certainly consider these feedbacks and modify the feature after thorough analysis on logical and technical grounds.

Features in Windows 10 Technical Preview

As soon as you successfully download and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview, you will explore some of the latest windows features as mentioned below:

  1. Brand New Start Option: Start Menu is back in Windows 10. This time, it is clubbed with the Start screen (same as available in Windows 8). User will also be able to personalize the start screen as per the requirement and this can be done by simple drag and drop.
  2. Power Button: This time, power is in the start menu. User can easily access to the power options in their Start menu itself without randomizing in other sections of the OS interface.
  3. Multiple Desktop Support: Windows 10 Technical Preview supports the multiple desktop options.
  4. Multitasking: In Windows 10, user will get faster and better multitasking options along with simple touch screen options too.
  5. Faster and Broader Search: Same as Windows 8, Windows 10 will provide a faster and broader search feature. User will be able to custom search anywhere in the system and web with a single click.
  6. Feedback app: User will be able to submit their feedback for any preferred application of the OS.

Basic System Requirement

All those systems which can run Windows 8.1 and above can easily support Windows 10 Technical Preview. Below mentioned are the basic system requirements for the same:

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32 bit) or 2 GB (64 bit)
  • Free Hard Drive: 16 GB
  • Graphic Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
  • Microsoft Account and
  • A good Internet Connection


Windows 10 Technical Preview is an innovation in the field of OS development. This is the first time when customers can equally participate in the making of an Operating system. Their feedbacks will be worth posting and they will be able to experience the making of every feature in just few updates.

In the brief, Microsoft has turned the table round for all the PC experts and IT pro by equally involving them in this creation and launch.