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May 15, 2020
6 Min Read

Top 10 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Business
logo Ashwini Dave
May 15, 2020 | 6 Min Read

Top 10 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Business

It has been the need of the hour for businesses to use social media. The social media presence is everywhere, and today’s customers expect social media coverage from brands. In other words, the lack of social media coverage usually rings alarm bells amongst customers. 

However, if you think merely having a social media presence is enough then you are wrong. You also need to know how to use it properly and adopt best practices if you wish to create the right impressions amongst your audience and yield a strong ROI.

When used and managed effectively, social media assists in boosting the brand awareness of your business, driving traffic to your website, growing your customer base and even increasing revenue.

“The do’s and don’ts of social media advertising decide whether the activities carried out can be termed as a Curse or a Boon.”

There are tricks and tips to use when you use social media as a marketing platform for your business. There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts in social media advertising one need to follow to successfully handle the social media campaign.

Let’s now divert our attention to these Do’s and Don'ts of social media advertising.

Here are some of the things you SHOULD NOT DO:

1. Don’t Select Irrelevant Medium

There is a problem of plenty when it comes to selecting the social media platform to promote your brand. Hence, there is a need to select the option wisely by determining where exactly your users are. 

In case you try to promote your business on every available social media platform, it would be difficult to manage all of them. In fact, the fact is, not all platforms will be relevant to your business. However, even if we assume that you go ahead and promote your business on every available social platform, you will not have enough manpower to manage it.

Hence, it is best to select a few platforms and then try to differentiate content from each other. Remember to draft content that is unique, attractive and informative. 

A prime example of that is, if you post for a job vacancy for your business on Instagram, it will be extremely difficult for the candidates to reach you. On top of that, it would be difficult for you to find the right candidates. So, instead of using Instagram, if you use the LinkedIn platform to post vacancies, it would be easier to get qualified candidates and get connected with them.

2. Don’t Feed Your Page with Advertisement

Promoting on social media for your business does not give you the license to post only advertisements and promotional videos. 

Always remember that people use social media to watch something interesting, informative and responsive feeds instead of promotional content of your business.

The ultimate objective of having a social media presence is to engage with your customers. If you continuously post advertisements, your audience will get irritated, and chances are, they might even unfollow your page. 

The best way to build loyal customers on social media platforms is to listen to their concerns and doubts. This will give you an insight on where to improve your service. The best thing is, this way, you will be able to get customers for your entire life.

Can it get any bigger than this?  

3. Don’t Share the Same Information Twice

People get irritated on social media platforms when they see the same post being repeated a number of times. This is a cardinal sin so do not make this mistake. Also, never spam your customers' feed by posting unrelated and the same information more than once. 

In case you constantly ping your customers by posting the same advertisement and information several times a day or week, chances are, they will click on the unfollow button soon.

“Don’t be authentic and bona fide, but, instead be real and practical.”

Ensure that your post is informative and pointing towards your business domain. However, do not post the same content twice. Instead, come up with interesting ideas to post on a regular basis to build an engaging audience on your social media platforms.

4. Don’t Neglect the Importance of Evaluating Your Social Media Strategies

You might be aware that it is possible to evaluate the success of your campaigns on almost all social media platforms. It is imperative for you to set metrics that define goals and success for your business. 

CPL (Cost Per Lead), CTR (Cost-Time-Resource) and CPC (Cost Per Click) measure different conversions. Determine which one is important for your business. In case, the determining factors to success or failure of your social media campaigns are likes, shares, or retweets, keep a track of them. However, don’t ignore the fact that evaluation is critical for success. 

In case, you fail to recognize the specific factors that can speed up your social media campaign, to your loss, you might not ever use them again.

5. Don’t Forget Checklists

The most crucial aspect while creating social media strategies to have a handy checklist so that you do not miss out on any details. In case you do not prepare checklists, you might end up making small slips or even huge blunders. Here are a few things that you do not have to forget while making your content public on social media sites:

You can include message understanding, grammatical errors, interesting facts, updated figures, links, brand logo, product information and many other things in your checklist.

Here are some of the things you SHOULD DO: 

6. Do Make Sure That Your Profiles are Complete

Before you start posting anything on social media platforms, it is important to ensure that your profiles are 100% filled out. 

For certain social media platforms like Twitter, this is an easy task. The only thing required is a little more than a short bio, a profile picture, a location and a link to your website. In case, you are using Facebook, you’ll have to create your Facebook Business Page wherein you need to insert comprehensive information. 

Remember to devote quality time while filling up the information on different social media platforms. Never copy and paste the information from one platform to another. The language that you post can be similar but the content needs to be different. 

Once you are done with filling up the profiles, it is time to start posting.

7. Do Understand Your Target Audience

Before designing the social media campaign it is important to understand the type of customers you are going to cater to. The reason being, the entire focus on social media is customers. The promotional part is merely 20% out of 100%. 

This is where you need to understand the demographics of your customers. This includes the class of customers you serve, their age range, gender, occupation, the peak time of your users when they use social media the most, etc. 

8. Do Market and Build Your Brand’s Culture Through Social Media Marketing

When you are on a social media platform, it is imperative that you share your brand stories instead of only product specifications. This is where you can craft a story that inspired you to start the business and create the brand. 

You can even put across your CSR activities highlighting the work you have done for the society at large. Share your blogs and articles by providing insightful information to your target audience. 

You can also build a themed community where your customers can interact with each other.

9. Do Experiment 

It is always exciting to indulge in experiments. Come out of your comfort zone. Remember, in case, you get comfortable with one approach to social media marketing, people will not stay interested and hooked for a long period of time. 

Hence, it is important to tweak your products along with social media campaigns. Introduce new quirky features and links with other communities. Give your customers a reason to stick with you on social media. 

10. Do Plan Ahead for Your Social Media Content

It is crucial for you to have a weekly or monthly schedule for your content for social media accounts. Design posts in bulk and keep them in store for the week/month. This will keep your target audience engaged and prevent your campaign from unexpected periodic dry spells. 


Social media campaigns need to be created with unique, branded, remarkable and entertaining content. Remember, you do not have to be promotional or repetitive in your posts while creating content for social media platforms. 

Social media advertising in all terms offers you an opportunity for the best advertisement of your business at a global level. So, try to make the most out of it by adapting these do’s and don’ts of social media while running a campaign for your business.

Here’s a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts while carrying out social media activities for your business.

Make sure that your profiles are complete Select irrelevant medium
Understand your target audience Feed your page with advertisement
Market and build Your brand's culture through social media marketing Share the same information twice
Experiment Neglect the importance of evaluating your social media strategies
Plan Ahead for your social media content Forget checklists

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