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6 Effective Ways Business Can Use Social Media To Increase Customer Base

Just Total Tech
14 Mar 2016

Importance of social media marketing is accepted worldwide. In the 21st century, social media marketing is the best bet to expanding your customer base.

Today every business owner considered using social media marketing to reach the targeted customer base. Every social media have Mobile app, and people are getting addicted to social Media. So it is the most handful tool to increase customer base.

Doesn’t matter how young or old target customer may be, chances are most of them are already using one or more of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. And to target these audience 82% of Startups &small business owners have already started using social media platform.

Most of the Profiles and surfing activities on social media can be tracked by search engines. One more way to make sure that your business pop up as the result when someone is searching to solve their problem.

Here are a 6 tactics you can use social media to increase your customer base:

1. Choose Significant Social Media Platform

You never know which social media platform can bring a potential customer. So being present on every possible social media platforms are necessary. But when you are trying you make equal presence on every social media, a business might not get the returns as expected.

A Business has to take smart way to think about which social media they want to use to run paid campaign to advertise. Customer base can contrast for every business.

So for paid campaigns choose few social medial sites carefully that your customer base widely use. And most of the social media platforms are free so mark your presence on other sites as well and utilize free platforms.

It will be more significant to grab attention of targeted customer as much as possible. When your post comes up in between their Feeds they’ll get curious to know your business.

2. Understanding demographics: know who your users are

If you really want to use social media to expand your customer base, you need to understand who your users are. In order to widen your business, study the demographics of the most important social media platforms.

This way you will be able to understand what user group is using which platform. Simultaneously your ability to target audience specific to your business will drastically improve.

  • Let’s have a look at the biggest social media platforms and the demographics for the same.

According to PewResearch Centre more women use Facebook than men. Between the ages of 18 to 29 years, there are about 82/68% American adults using Facebook.

More importantly, in terms of user engagement, Facebook is king. According to another survey conducted by Pew, 70% of all users log into Facebook daily. However this hasn’t changed much since 2014.

According to the same survey, Instagram and Pinterest follow next. 29% of the entire US adult population uses Pinterest and 35% uses Instagram.

LinkedIn is popular among age groups between 30 and 49 years. Pinterest is widely used more by women with 40% women using in comparison with men who consist of only 16% users.

When you understand demographics, you can use it to target audience’s specific to your customer profiles. You can use online census reports to check for changes in demographics on various social media platforms &Google Analytics to target gender, age, device, local etc.

3. Tracking analytics

Tracking analytics will help you understand your customers better. Every social media platform has its own tracking tools. In order to get an idea about how well your campaign is doing you need to track analytics and evaluate your success based on that.

For every social media platform there are different things to look for.

  • On Facebook, for instance, you need to check for photo shares, likes, links clicked, video play etc.
  • For Instagram the focus should be on likes, shares and hashtags.
  • In LinkedIn you have to look out for connections, responses, shares. And Twitter one of the most important analytics is the hash tag tracking.

Platforms like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter have built in analytics to measure the performance of your campaign. is a great URL tracking tool which can be used for the same purposes.

Moreover, you could also use Google Analytics to create custom tracking URLs with custom conversions. Additionally, you could also create a custom dashboard in order to make the best out of tracking analytics.

4. Using promotional tactics

Usually, People use social media to get updates about their circle, so they just don’t log on to watch your advertisements. They open it to have some entertainment. So you have to approach people in similar pattern.

There is no necessity that the posts must be business related. Create some engaging video or posts; entertain them while promoting your product/service.

Viewers prefer videos over reading. Promotional Videos will be more effective. Get updated with trends, make videos that are entertaining, high in quality, informative of course and grab their attention and let them know what you are offering.

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn hosting polls, asking questions and posting entertaining content such as photos and videos really helps. On other platforms you could offer incentives, deals or packages to really promote your product.

As a result of it people will answer product related questions too if they like the concept of your promotion. Business will get a much higher conversion rate through these efforts because they’ll fill you are also entertaining them and not just doing business.

5. Webinars are the way to go!

Webinars are a great way to expand customer base because they are an extremely engaging tool. You can create different videos for different topics in order to keep things interesting. When you are creating a webinar, it is up to you to decide whether you want to keep gateways or not.

A gateway can potentially help you collect more user information, if you are designing a form to gather as much information as you can. Some websites such as HubSpot hide most of their content behind the gateway, others lets the customers coming by keeping no gateways.

It is really up to your requirements and what your business needs. In any case, webinars are really useful in attracting more customers.

6. Gives Feedback

Social Media Increases two way communications. Increase your customer service &satisfaction with pro-active engagement.

Make sure, whichever platform you choose be responsive to your customers. It will give them a personalized touch. This will grant you to delight your customers that how much you care about providing a remarkable experience and will assure that no customer inquiry remains unnoticed.

By observing social media for customer reviews and providing a satisfactory reply, one can get actual business returns. Business that relate with customer service requests through social media will earn 20-40% more revenue per customer, according to Brain and company.


Social media is the most significant tool to promote our business worldwide.When it comes to business you have to plan a win-win strategy for business and your potential audience on social media & content sharing.

Definitely it reduces the cost because it addresses uncountable number of customers in globe and overall it reduces the cost of advertising and interacting with huge customer base.

Your business can succeed with the ever expanding opportunities offered by social media. When it comes to social media, you have to be creative as well as engaging if you want to retain customers and develop and long term relationship!