Social Media Marketing

Data Generated on Social Media in Real Time

Just Total Tech
06 Dec 2018

There are about three billion people in the world that are connected to the Internet.  Those of us who have used it for years probably couldn't imagine how we could live without it. A sizable portion of the populace participates on social media networks. Activities conducted on these sites create data that the users often don't realize. This interactive infographic from Coupofy shows how much data is generated on social media sites every second.

Facebook posts are liked at a rate of over four million per minute. Users send out tweets on Twitter at a rate of roughly 350,000 per minute. And over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. Don't you think that you brand can take advantage of all of this activity?  Of course!

As with many things that start out solely for personal use, social media networks have proven useful for businesses as well.  They make it extremely economical and easy to promote products and services no matter what the market is.  With the help of all the data that users generate on a daily basis, it can really help businesses to connect with the target market and increase sales and brand awareness.