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6 Magnificent Ways to Engage Your Mobile App Users

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01 Feb 2016
  • One day a person was looking for some advanced E-commerce app for shopping although he is already having 2 most used applications.
  • Another day he was looking for quick exercise & fitness app. (He forgets about it after 2-3 days, that he wants to exercise)
  • Next day, he was searching for another payment app where he can get huge cash back on bill payments because he has already used few apps and their initial cash back offers.

This was just a glimpse of user’s perception of using mobile applications.

I don’t think after reading the above examples, nobody will ask a question, what is the need to thrill your users after they installed an app?

The reason is simple, Consumer doesn’t give many chances, and users are more research obsessed than ever. They easily switch to other applications as soon as they get something more interesting and more beneficial to them. And“getting users and then keeping them thrilled is easier said than done.”

Blame it on the number of options that they are now vulnerable to, which further leads to a cut-throat competition of winning the user’s willingness to engage with the app, that’s where the need comes of thrilling & engaging your user so they don’t switch to the competitors.

Significant Statistics

Before moving on to discussing the nurturing process of your app users, let us first hover over the latest stats. It will help us understand the current app business scenario better:

  • Statistic contains data on the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of the third quarter of 2018. As of that period, Android users were able to choose between 1 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 2 million available apps. – Statista – The Statistic portal

The user interfaces changes accordingly. It depends on a number of factors. So an app developer has to do 360-degree research before developing an app. Most importantly the user’s perception should be the center of thought, to develop an app.

Turn your users to addict to your app. rather depending upon expensive marketing; habit-forming developers associate their service to the user’s daily routines and engagement. The first to mind solutions win. We have facebook, instagram, whatsapp as the best example of addition.

Let’s find a few solid ways that will help an app developer to keep their users Thrilled, loyal and committed to your app, which will ultimately result in better engagement:

1. Powerful first experience&constantly serve something new

The first experience of an app should be enough for the user to stay on the app. The average app loses 77 & of its users in the first three days.No matter how good your internal features are if the first experience of the app is not reaching out the expectations of users. And if the first experience is enough, rest will not matter as simple as that.

Believe it or not, but your customers are always in a lookout for new content in the form of a new level or a feature. Witnessing such constant updates makes them believe that there’s something more to the app and something even greater is about to be revealed.

In a way, they tend to think that owners are making efforts to serve the best to their customers. The app that hasn’t been updated since a while brings the feeling that owners have given up on making the app a success.

Connect with them. Send Push notifications about the updates no matter how tiny they seem to be. These constant affirmations from the app owners or the developers will certainly make the users stay back for more.

2. User’s convenience comes first

It won’t be wrong if it is said that“An App is for the users, by the users, and of the users.”

It is evident that a Utility app is meant to serve ease in doing things, but gaming apps are equally committed to making things accessible within the app.


Whether it’s a business app, education app, a lifestyle app, or a gaming app, you should be committed to keeping things in the app highly convenient and accessible to the users. A little delay or confusion can frustrate and lead your user to abandon the mobile app.

Hence, the idea is to make things in the app smooth and understandable no matter how complicated the process is.

3. Let the users witness fastest onboarding experience

There’s nothing worse than making the users wait while they are eagerly looking forward to getting into the app and explore the same.

A login signs up form that’s too lengthy or complicated to fill in can shatter the user’s willingness to use the app. If the login is needed, then a login form should be minimalist. If not necessary, try to avoid login on the first note.

To avoid such delays and scenarios itself, app developers should not miss out on offering login through social media profiles. This makes things much easier for first time users.

A mobile app can make your brand like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc, and it can ruin your brand as well if the app is not meeting the expectations of users.

4. Glitch-Free customer service wins’ user’s engagement

Who loves a slow app?? – I am not hearing any voice

Simple – No body

Maintaining the speed of an app is also a critical & unavoidable issue. Accepted, that your app is vulnerable to face unexpected errors or bugs even after making sure everything is well-placed. Bugs are something that you need to well-prepared for such scenarios to deal with.

Moving beyond bugs, there are situations wherein users need proper guidance to be it how to use the app or how to undertake a certain action. This is where solid customer service has to be playing a vital role.

Contacting a customer support team should be as easy as its functions. Let your customers know that you are always there for them. Great customer service can leave a lifelong impression on the customer.

5. Reward your users as and when possible

Today, rewarding is the new key to avail app users faster than the light. No kidding, but shopping portal apps are more than rigorously trying to divert their customers from shop local to shop online with the help of a phone app.


While these potential shoppers are rewarded with ample discount coupons and more such monetary rewards, you can always decide on to giving out a promo code or even a level up, or an upgraded feature. Users have the tendency to consider these rewards too personal. Hence their loyalty is sure to increase in leaps and bounds towards the application.

Utilize CRM data and understand the patterns of customers, and pick your superusers, who use the app frequently. Make them brand ambassadors. Share their experience of how they used the app and how it helped them to attain certain goals. Also, give them some more advantages & loyalty points.

6. Ask for customer feedback and respond to the same

Willing to know what your users really think about your app is a great way to create a strong connection with your users. This connection further leads them to connect with your app.

As it is said that, your users or your products best critique. These suggestions, no matter how trivial, help you to deliver a refined app. User’s point of view along with their opinions and suggestions are something app developers should not be missing out on.

It is always a good decision to let them know that you are listening and taking required actions to improve their experience with the app. All you need to do is provide an option to put their words forth in few clicks.

If you want genuine feedback, try to avoid asking for feedback the moment they install it. Instead, take it after they use it for few times, track their activities, and then ask for feedback and suggestions.

Wrapping Up:

Retaining users is no rocket science. Once your well-equipped app is out and users are using it, make sure you bring forth the best user experience along with engagement, a satisfactory client servicing and most importantly a problem-solving approach.

Your users are bound to have issues while engaging but the key is to respond and resolve at the earliest. Users will love to stay back when they encounter not just a well-performing app but an app that’s able to resolve and make things perfect for them.

Still wondering, how to thrill app users, contact us today. Our expert will develop and market your app without any hassle.