6 Ways to Thrill Your Mobile App Users

Just Total Tech
01 Feb 2016

So, why is it even important to thrill, retain or hook your users to your mobile apps in 2016? While we are already aware of the rise in number of apps, mobile app users are now switching between similar apps even more frequently. Despite of offering the best User Interface and making sure there are no bugs hovering over an app, app users tend to be losing interest too soon. Blame it on the number of options that they are now vulnerable to, which further leads to cut-throat competition of winning the user’s willingness to engage with the app.

To put it in simple words, the process of nurturing your app users has become serious than ever and there’s no looking back if you aim to stay forever in the app business. For that matter, we shall soon find out those tricky points that might be stopping your user engagement to scale up high.

Before moving on to discussing the nurturing process of your app users, let us first hover over the latest stats that will help us understand the current app business scenario better.

According to Statista, the Statistic Portal, Android users were able to choose between 1.6 million apps. Whereas, Apple's App Store remained the second-largest app store with 1.5 million available apps, as of July 2015.

That said, a stunning data by UMeng reported that the majority of mobile applications launched in China struggle to retain users. In fact, most apps don’t engage users for more than a week, the research indicates. Backing this data, Earlier research from Localytics also indicated that Chinese users behave very differently from those in the U.S.

One of the reasons, as noted, was Chinese users spend less time in apps than their U.S. counterparts – only 4.1 minutes. That means that their expectations of what makes an app useful are “dramatically different” and many lead to earlier abandonment, the firm said.

However, there’s something that has come out positive in terms of increasing retention and that is push notifications. Apps that used push messaging had higher retention rates in China. If push notifications were used, abandonment dropped to only 20 percent of users who return to an app once, and retention of users jumps up to 35 percent.

That said, let us now discover those 6 solid ways that will help you in keeping your users committed to your app, resulting in even better engagement:

1. Constantly serve the excitement of something new

Believe it or not, but your customers are always in a lookout for new content in the form of a new level or a feature. Witnessing such constant updates makes them believe that there’s something more to the app and something even greater is about to be revealed. In a way, they tend to think that their efforts to avail the respective app hasn’t been a waste and that the owners of the app are willing to serve the best to their customers.

An app that hasn’t been updated since a while brings in the feeling of being stale and that the owners have given up on making the app a success, no matter how good the app is already.

A great way to deal with this scenario is to constantly keep telling your users that you are there and making efforts to bring the best possible things on board. Connect with them. Send notifications about the updates no matter how tiny they seem to be. These constant affirmations from the app owners or the developers will certainly make the users stay back for more.

2. User’s convenience comes first

It won’t be wrong if we say that an App is for the users, by the users and of the users. We are already aware that Utility apps are a raging hit and they bring in a lot of users to do things differently and in a much easier manner than they were done earlier. Of course at the user’s convenience. It is evident that a Utility app is meant to serve ease in doing things, but gaming apps are equally committed to make things accessible within the app.  

Whether it’s a business app, education app, lifestyle app, or a gaming app, you should be committed to keep things in the app highly convenient and accessible to the users; as a little delay or confusion can frustrate and lead your user to abandoning the phone app. Hence, the idea is to make things in the app smooth and understandable no matter how complicated the process is.

3. Let the users witness fastest on boarding experience

There’s nothing worse than making the users wait while they are eagerly looking forward to get into the app and explore the same. A login signs up form that’s too lengthy or complicated to fill in can shatter the user’s willingness to use the app.

To avoid such delays and scenarios itself, app developers should not miss out on offering login through social media profiles. This makes things much easier for first time users. With the on boarding process, app developers should aim for quickest login process that is seamless at the same time, be it with social media integrations or filling up a short sign up form.

4. A glitch free customer service wins’ user’s engagement

You are in the app business and that means you have brought forth a robust software for the audience to use. Accepted. However, it also means that your app is vulnerable to facing unexpected errors or glitches even after making sure everything is well-placed. Bugs are something that you cannot avoid and then you need to be well-prepared for such scenarios to deal with. Moving beyond bugs, there are situations wherein users need a proper guidance be it how to use the app or how to undertake a certain action.

This is where a solid customer service has to be play a vital role. Adding step-by-step guidelines while using the app is one the best ways to keep up with your user’s engagement sessions. This can be done by getting an in-app engagement screen built within your mobile app. This makes a great way to answer to the user’s how’s, what’s and who’s. Apart from that a robust support team is the heart of your customer service. Make sure that every user encounters personal guidance for their queries and not to forget responding as early as possible should be on your priority list. Remember that providing top-notch customer service brings in greater chances of gaining users for lifetime.

5. Reward your users as and when possible

Today, rewarding is the new key to avail app users faster than the light. No kidding, but shopping portal apps are more than rigorously trying to divert their customers from shop local to shop online with the help of a phone app. While these potential shoppers are rewarded with ample of discount coupons and more such monetary rewards, you can always decide on to giving out a promo code or even a level up, or an upgraded feature. Users have the tendency to consider these rewards too personal and hence their loyalty is sure to increase in leaps and bounds towards the application.

6. Ask for customer feedback and respond on the same

Willing to know what your users really think about your app is a great way to create a strong connection with your users. This connection further leads them to connect with your app. As it is said that, your users or your products best critique. These suggestions, no matter how trivial, helps you to deliver a refined app. User's point of view along with their opinions and suggestions is something app developers should not be missing out on.

Make sure you are paying enough attention to what your users are expressing about your application and you can choose to respond as and when required. It is always a good decision to let them know that you are listening and taking required actions to improve their experience with the app. All you need to do is provide an option to put their words forth in few clicks.

Wrapping Up

Retaining users is no rocket science. Once your well-equipped app is out and users are using it, make sure you bring forth the best user experience along with engagement, a satisfactory client servicing and most importantly a problem solving approach. Your users are bound to have issues while engaging but the key is to respond and resolve at the earliest. Users will love to stay back when they encounter not just a well-performing app but an app that’s able to resolve and make things perfect for them.

Still wondering, how to thrill app users, contact us today. Our expert will develop and market your app without any hassle.