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Top iPhone App Development Framework

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02 Dec 2013

iOS frameworks get available associates or interfaces, you need to write software for the platform. Selected list of classes and frameworks can be used as building blocks when creating apps for iOS devices. In this assiduous time, you need to save time and thus desire to get positive and excellent feedbacks with less quantity time and more quality work and these frameworks will make you to work a less harder and to enable best practices for development on the iOS platform. There are various iOS frameworks and recently 6 new frameworks are specific to iOS7. These are –

  • Sprite Kit: The framework allows for hardware accelerated animation systems for 2D or 2.5D games. It provides rendering and animation, sound playback support and physics simulation.
  • Multipeer Connectivity: The peer-to-peer connectivity is the new feature that discovers nearby devices and directs communication without an internet connection.
  • JavaScriptCore: It allows for wrapping of standard JavaScript objects into Objective-C (the code used for iOS apps).
  • Game Controller: It allows developers to add hardware controllers to iOS, either by directly connecting device or through Bluetooth. Controllers must be optional and there must be way for players to use the game without a controller.
  • Media Accessibility: It allows for closed caption support in your apps.
  • Safari Services: It is to add URLs to Safari reading list.

iphone app development framework There are some enhanced frameworks also being provided by doing significant additions to already existing frameworks such as Games, Maps and more. List is here for you –

  • Games: It let players interact with each other via chat, simultaneous turns and trading.
  • Maps: It enables developers to integrate Apple Maps into their apps and thus have advantage of 3D map features.
  • User Interface: Apple has added dynamic UI actions such as proximity and gravity controls as well as a whole new Kit for text.
  • Multitasking: The new multitasking features in iOS7 apply mostly to the background data push and flow of information to the app.

There are some more frameworks which are used day to day to build apps for iOS, Android and more viz. –

  • xUI
  • iWebkit
  • jQ Touch
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Dynamic X
  • Snecha
  • Appcelerator
  • Wink ToolKit
  • MoSync SDK
  • Unity Mobile

Thus in the mobile industry, for iPhone App development, few frameworks will help you to create a mobile web app rapidly. These are pretty easy to implement and thus try to take best advantage out of it.