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WordPress Site Security and Maintenance

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06 Dec 2018

If you are running a WordPress Site, security is prime concern. If proper security is not maintained then anyone can harm your site by deleting all your posts or can manipulate it. Your emails and passwords can be leaked and also can affect your online presence. WordPress Site is sometimes exposed to XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Bae64, Code Injection, Hacking Attempts and SQL Injection, thus to secure it, WordPress Website Security Protection and Bullet Proof Security are taken into consideration.

Thus you are supposed to have a control over security issues of WordPress Site. You need proper and professional installation and WordPress Security plugins. Basically WordPress insecurity is the result of vulnerable plugins, weak passwords and antiquated software. Some common protections are to be adopted like, to ban troublesome user agents, strengthen server security, detect and block numerous attacks to your file system and database, and many more.

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The recovery methods being involved are best security methods to be undertaken and above that you should make regular backups for your WordPress Development. We know that WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management system and thus it should have high security levels and availability of the resources under the server administrator’s control. You should have latest version of Word Press which is always available from the main WordPress Website at .

The problem is that older version of WordPress is not maintained with security updates. The most common word press attacks are attempt to gain access to your blog by using “Brute Force” password guessing and sending of specially crafted HTTP requests to your server with specific exploit payloads for specific vulnerabilities.

Thus from the conclusion point of a view and for WordPress Development, a WordPress Developer should have following points in mind-

  • Create complicated secret keys for your wp-config.php file
  • Empower two factor authentication for all users
  • Set a web application firewall in front of your website
  • Be sure that every user has  its own password
  • Delete the admin  user and removed unused plugins, themes and users
  • Do update latest version of word press
  • Force both logins and admin access to use HTTPS.