In today’s competitive era, first impressions count a lot. It can not be downplayed. This aspect is vital in all fields of business. More so for a startup website. Over here, the site owners are tasked to ensure that their users are satisfied with what is on display. This is where the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the website come into play. 

Great UX design is not just a necessity; it is mandatory to survive in this competitive world of business. Experts in the field suggest that to improve your user experience, every business, whether it is big or small, should have at least one in-house UX professional. 

Steve Jobs once said,

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Considering this perspective, a startup needs to concentrate on the designing aspect as your business is at an initial stage and your ultimate goal is to acquire customers. If you can provide the best user experience on the first interaction, users will be impressed and keen to experience your products & services. 

Before moving forward, let’s look at the definition of UX Design.

What is UX Design?

We often use the buzzwords UX design and user experience. The definition of UX design goes like this:

“UX design is the process of designing the interaction of users with a website or a mobile application.” It includes everything starting from interacting with users, product introduction, visuals, branding, marketing, usability, and functions to calls to action. 

The UX design's core function is to ease users' interaction with the website. UX designers try to provide the best possible user experience to convert users to customers. If they like what they see on the website, the customers even recommend the same to their circle of friends. 

Due to this very reason, the demand for UX design is growing day by day. Hence, we are seeing more and more mobile applications being developed using UX design. 

In the forthcoming sections of the write-up, we will see why a great UX design is a must for startups.

So, without much ado, let’s get started.

Roles of a Good UI/UX in Startups

1. Increases readability of Content

You would be aware of the fact that search engine optimization rewards those websites which are readable. The reason is it helps in picking up the keywords easily and makes the content readable. Furthermore, the readability aspect attracts users to your website. 

One way to ensure that is by proper designing of the user interface. This way, you can ensure that the core message is well-pronounced. This can be done through meticulous placement and the use of keywords. 

The interface should also have a good font for the text. It is recommended to incorporate a font that is easy to read. This way, even if people with visual impairments can comprehend the written content.

Unfortunately, some sites are designed in a hurry without considering these pointers. The result is the readers find it difficult to pick out the essential points. On top of that, you end up getting penalized through low ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

2. Encourages More User Interactions

The ultimate goal of designing the user interface is to reach the end users. However, this is nearly impossible unless the start-up invests in this scenario. This very reason prompts you to put up the resources in this venture. 

In addition to this, the interface will help the startup to comprehend the users’ reactions. A prime example of that is incorporating a comment section where users can share their experiences. You can customize the platforms so that the text and images are used specifically according to the needs of the users who visit your website.

3. Communicates the  Vision clearly

Every business has a certain vision and goal in sight. In other words, it is where you wish to reach after a certain point of time in your area of expertise. This can be achieved by attracting consistent users through a better UX design. 

When entrepreneurs want to share their vision with the customers, the best way is to share it with the help of UX design. However, in case your design is of poor quality, your goal cannot be achieved, and it would be difficult to share it with your users. Hence, your design must be easy to understand and visible without clutter.

Creating a better UX design assists in improving your user experience and eventually leads to an increase in the conversion ratio. By having a good quality UI design, you can make use of effective images to pass on your message easily. Always keep this in mind: Images and other easy aspects enhance user interaction. It ensures that the users resonate with your goal and vision.

The easiest way to provide engaging user interaction is by putting yourself in the shoes of your users. Think from their perspective and you will get the right answers. 

4. Easy to Navigate

The most significant aspect of a website is its interface. The reason is it ensures that readers can move from one page to another without any problem. This includes actions like quick loading speeds and swipes. It should be noted that most users are annoyed by sites with a slow response time. 

On the other hand, a good interface should always have a search box. With the help of this section, users can easily search for any information found on the website. By doing this, the site ensures that users can research and peruse the content easily.

Also, ensure that the contact information is clearly visible. Focus on putting important information regarding your business instead of extra and unrelated details. 

5. Eye-catching User interface

Great UX design helps draw users' attention toward a startup. There are thousands of websites being developed daily; now, it’s up to users to select the best for them.

But it’s up to designers to design a website that catches the eye of customers. One has to experiment with the design to be innovative. To make it attractive, you can experiment with design thinking tools, changing colors, visuals, texts, and videos.

Better UX design gives a customer-first experience even without using the product or service. However, this can result in a mess as well. It is a difficult task for designers to make it interactive as well as attractive.

Customer experience, along with technology

The solution is the product itself offered with improved technology. Technology is the core part of product design so is UX to provide the best customer experience. UI is the most essential part of the product. This makes it crucial for entrepreneurs to never ignore UX and UI design at any cost. 

I am saying UX is important because customers experience it first, even before the product. When you ignore the first interaction with the customer, it is definitely going to affect your further process. Potential customers might never be aware of your product.

We have heard of several successful startups that have designers as co-founders for a reason. YouTube, Flicker, Pinterest, Airbnb, Behance, Tumblr, and Etsy are the most successful examples of it.

6. Attracts the Attention of the Readers

Millions of websites are being developed daily. Here, users are always in a fix when it comes to selecting the best website that can serve their needs. In simple words, it means that your site needs to be eye-catching. Otherwise, you will lose visitors. One way to achieve this is by being meticulous while designing the UI and UX.

Here you need to define certain parameters like color, images, videos and texts. The basic objective of the UI and UX is to attract the attention of the users even before they dig deep into the content. This is where the services of a reputed web designer can come in handy.

7. Improve the Conversion Rate

The major reason for businesses to develop websites is to attract more users and clients. This is where web developers need to come up with an outstanding user interface. The user interface is expected to include an attractive call to action. 

A good UI/UX must incorporate a call to action at some parts of the website. For example, you can have a call to action after a product description. This is the button through which you prompt the visitors to purchase your products.

8. Maximum Utilization of Resources

If you create the user interface of your website in a hurry, it is bound to make you run into trouble. Remember, you are dependent on your users to achieve your business objectives. Some of the challenges that you constantly encounter include constant maintenance and site up-gradation. This will coerce you to incur additional costs than planned earlier.

If you have a good interface, your chances of experiencing such obstacles get reduced drastically. The only thing required for you is to invest in the initial stages and run tests. In addition to this, you even cut down the risks of the site crashing or not responding.


A startup has to acquire customers by giving them what they need at the initial stage. If the user gets annoyed in the first experience, it will be difficult to survive in competition.

A designer can provide a solution for the first interaction. Problems exist everywhere; if designers claim themselves as problem solvers, they have this responsibility to support the entire department by designing the best UI/UX design. Further interaction of customers depends upon the first experience. Don’t follow myths and design more attractive and easy to use.

There are lots of merits when it comes to creating outstanding UI and UX. The final call rests on how to recruit the right team with the requisite expertise to assist you with this crucial and important task.