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Guest Post Guidelines:

We always welcome high-quality guest contributions from experts who fit our content style and strictly comply with our guidelines:

  1. You need to write your content to attract tech enthusiasts and tech geeks who love reading about disruptive technologies and bringing innovative solutions to the world.
  2. Submit your pitch and wait to see if it is accepted before writing any content – we do not accept pre-written blog posts
  3. We look forward to posts between 2,000 to 3,000 words. Preferably, somewhere in the region of 2,000 to 2,500 words would be ideal.
  4. Non-promotional, i.e., no product, service, or demo mentions
  5. No syndicated, copied or plagiarized content from your blog or someone else's
  6. Please research our website to ensure the article topic isn't already covered on our blog. To put it simply, please do good keyword research before pitching us a random topic.
  7. Place images and videos directly in the draft. Please do not send them separately.
  8. Include a ~300 character bio with your headshot (square dimension at least 200x200) and Gravatar ID.

Our Publication Focus

  1. Technology - AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and IoT.
  2. Entrepreneurship - Business Leadership and Small Business
  3. Reviews - AI-Powered Tools and Project Management Tools
  4. Fintech: Trends, Predictions, ImplementationNo syndicated,
  5. Cloud: Cloud Monitoring, Kubernetes, Cloud security
  6. Data Management: Data Warehouse, Data lakes, Data management, etc.

Not Our Publication Focus

  1. We do not cover startup news, financial world news, press releases, etc.
  2. We do not follow crowdfunding campaigns.
  3. We do not review games
  4. We do not cover VR games as our posting topic.

Citations, Links & Relationships

We always welcome high-quality guest contributions from experts who fit our content style and strictly comply with our guidelines:

  1. We suggest you integrate the first two links in every post point to relevant Internal JTT content related to your topic.
  2. Employ external links for any third-party perspectives, evidence, and statistics.
  3. Never use Wikipedia as a source. We suggest you utilize research studies and major publications as a source instead.
  4. Never overly self-promote your business. If we find anything too promotional, our editors will remove it.
  5. Never link to any questionable sources or industries like pornography, casinos, payday loans, or pharmaceuticals.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to purchase, sell, or trade links appearing on the post.
  7. Add a credible source of an image by using the format of “Image Source.”

How to pitch us

  1. Do good keyword research and pitch us only relevant ideas that we haven’t covered already.
  2. Tell us about yourself, the organization you represent and your three best work samples.
  3. Include 3 to 5 relevant, keyword-backed content ideas. Include ‘focused keyword’, it’s search volume and keyword difficulty in the pitch.
  4. Send them to sam@justtotaltech.com

Some Examples to Consider

The blogs you send us need to be extensively written, like the examples mentioned above.
Always do thorough research to justify the topic at hand. However, ensure that each and every
sub-section that you create has a distinct meaning attached to it. Also, do not forget to add a
sub-title in the blog, which will be used as a meta description.

Terms & Conditions

  • Our Editorial team holds the sole right to accept or reject your blog posts.
  • Once your blog post has been published on our site, you will not have republication rights.