Whether bringing a Startup to life or running a growing business, developing digital solutions remains crucial to your success.
With democratization and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), there are many ways to support your approach to web portal development or mobile application.

However, much information is invading the web, and finding the resources and information ideally suited to your needs is sometimes difficult. This is why we are offering you a list of our favorite tools to help you in your project!

Before giving you AI keys to open the door to application development, let's go back to the essence of these sophisticated tools.


From task management to visual production, including programming assistance, AI is a significant tool and player in our digital projects. In creating and developing web application development or mobile applications, these tools offer a field of possibilities open to everyone. 

It is, therefore, in the process of becoming an essential component of the ecosystem that this technology reveals an increasing potential to optimize the process of creating apps and establishing innovative functionalities. 

This intrinsic capacity offered by AI in data processing, identification of hidden trends or production of content and tools fits perfectly into application development. None of its functionalities will replace real developers.

However, some of its advanced functionalities could allow you to help create your application.

What artificial intelligence tools are for your business?

In creating a mobile application, several fundamental stages are the fruit of development. AI tools will come to make their contribution by reducing some of these stages. Whether for design, creation of content and media, or even the imagination of its concept and functionalities. 

1. The objective of your application 

The first question to ask is: who will use my application? What problem does it respond to? 

The creation of persona :

EdenPersona.com: This is a paid tool; you can produce a persona for only 10 € per unit. Just fill out a form on which the AI will be based in addition to the psychological archetypes to create a relevant, intelligent and, above all, adapted to the target of your app!

You will find a complete weaving of features, characteristics and needs that reflect the desires and trends of your audience. You can then update your people regularly to guide your associated marketing product or strategy.

You will also be able to measure, via pre-defined KPI, your document's performance and impact.

Live persona: This is an exciting tool if you already have an audience! It grabs your Google analytics to deduce the associated persona. It is a paid program, which you can test for free. A more restricted free formula is also accessible, allowing you to generate less detailed people.

You will also be able to detect the impact of your competitors and take advantage of a quarterly automatic update. A beneficial AI for the personalized development of your app!

CrawlQ: It is a web traffic analysis tool that will allow you, from your data on your site, to understand your visitors and improve their online experience. He draws his knowledge from different sources, such as Google and its tools or social networks.

The big plus of CrawlQ is that you will have regular detailed reports on visitors, including their interests and behaviors. This AI will allow you to target the audience of your application.

Defining the objectives and functionalities of your application: 

No secrets; your brain and your imagination will be the best tools to formalize your ideas and goals. However, ChatGPT may give you concrete leads when your project is born.

Indeed, from the start, some details are still unclear. GPT cat will be able to answer several of your questions about the choice of the IOS or Android platform, essential content and relevant ideas or even certain functionalities.

The technology of this AI tool, drawing its resources by browsing the web, may blow thoughts to you in coherence with your application project. 

2. Evaluate its market  

Market research :

SEMRush – Market explore: This instrument will allow you to project yourself to the heart of your market to discern the particularities of your sector of activity and your competition. You will have information on the type, trends, and growth in your market, size and participants.

You can have an overview of the desired area with a simple URL. An essential AI that will be able to prove itself to assess the competitors of your application!

3. The first concrete step is the prototype!

The model: 

Uizard.io: This online platform allows you to create a realistic model of your application from themes or simply start from scratch. You can formalize your ideas for graphic aspects, functionalities or interactions! The AI ​​of this platform will be able to support you in the visual process of your application.

Sketch: Graphic design tool offering artificial intelligence capabilities to generate design elements, such as colors, fonts or patterns. For example, you can use the color tool to generate a harmonious palette or the font tool to generate coherent typography.

Figma: Graphic design helps to generate models and animations. For example, you can use the prototype tool to develop an interactive mockup or wireframe. We will add AI as a co-pilot to create your app's graphics and functionality.

We design :

Midjourney: This tool has many possible uses, but the goal is not to explain how to see yourself as James Bond. This website can help you create and format your design idea for your web app or mobile application or even generate new, royalty-free images.

You only need to design a sufficiently precise and detailed script for artificial intelligence to create a proposal. All this happens on a Discord server. Be careful; the subscription is paid but offers many possibilities! 

4. Promoting your product 

Le marketing :

AdCreative: This tool will allow you to produce effective advertising content using AI. Its operation is based on machine learning to offer you a range of personalized content adapted to your target as well as the objectives of your app.

Influence marketing :

Upfluence: This marketing influence platform helps companies and project leaders collaborate with influencers. In this case, we require artificial intelligence to automate tasks, identify project-relevant influencers, and measure the impact of campaigns. An AI-generated goldmine for app promotion.

5. Development 

Code generation:

Codex: A generative language model developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT-3 model, specially trained on code data. It generates code more precisely and efficiently than other language models. This AI could allow you to produce a coding snippet for your application to begin the developers' work. 

DeepCoder: On the same operating basis as Codex, it is an AI platform created by Microsoft that allows you to generate code.

Chat GPT: Among the different features of Chat GPT, it is also possible for you to use a prompt (precise and detailed instructions on your request, such as "How do I code a contact form for my mobile application?" ) to generate lines of code. This AI is also able to debug certain lines.

This tool will never replace the work and expertise of a developer; however, it could help write portions of code to facilitate and speed up their work.

Automated testing:

Applitools: Automated testing platform for web and mobile applications, using artificial intelligence to improve the quality and efficiency of tests. Its range of functionalities offers the possibility of ensuring the correct implementation of the application (free from bugs), as well as its compliance.

An AI tool that will allow you to validate your application before putting it online. 

Sauce Labs: A second automated testing alternative for web and mobile applications. You can perform a test manually by filling out a rapid form and then dragging and dropping your mobile application development or web application.

Its second functionality is to carry out an automatic test using artificial intelligence. This AI allows you to test your application on a wide range of platforms and browsers in just a few clicks.


In conclusion, AI is a powerful tool with immense promise in web and mobile application development. Its impact on user experiences, efficiency, and the potential for solving real-world problems is undeniable.

Embracing AI in application development is not just a trend but a transformative shift that will continue to shape the future of technology.