Many people associate faxing with the past, which is understandable. Fax has been around for a while, but it appears to have been supplanted by newer technologies, such as e-mail. It's not surprising that many people believe faxing is obsolete. However, faxing remains an important mode of communication. 

Thanks to technological advances, you can now use fax through online solutions like MyFax. These online fax solutions do not necessitate using a landline or fax machine. All you need is an internet connection and a device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the fax solution best suited to today's digitalized society.

How Does Digital Faxing Work?

Traditional fax systems relied on the analog technology of public switched telephone networks (PSTN). However, online fax solutions send faxes using cloud-based online fax products and software. This technology allows for faster file transfer speeds, which saves time and may increase employee productivity. Because it is web-based, you save money on maintenance.

One of the most notable advantages of online faxing is its accessibility. You only need an internet connection and online fax software to send or receive messages. Furthermore, online fax services make it easier to sign documents on the go, which is extremely convenient.

When you first begin using an online faxing service, you are usually assigned a unique phone number. When you send a fax, the recipient can access the file by downloading a compatible application to view it or visiting their website. However, most digital faxing solutions allow you to transfer documents in their original form, which is compatible with most standard graphics viewing applications.

How Secure Is Digital Faxing?

In today's world, e-mail is the standard mode of communication. In comparison to faxing technology, it is relatively new. However, faxing remains relevant to this day. Because digital fax solutions are more secure than e-mail, fax is becoming even more popular.

Before you receive an e-mail, it must pass through several servers and systems, such as firewalls, virus checkers, and data harvesting bots. E-mails are also not encrypted by default. Thus, making it less secure.   

Digital faxing solutions are more secure because you can encrypt data with secure socket layer (SSL) technology, transport layer security (TLS) technology, and password protection. Online fax also employs more sophisticated security protocols, making it difficult for cyber attackers to intercept data in transit.

These added security features make digital fax an appealing solution for those in sectors like healthcare, law, finance, and government with high information and data security standards per the compliance requirements in those industries.

How Does Digital Faxing Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

Because digital faxing is more secure than traditional faxing and e-mail, it is worth considering incorporating it into your cybersecurity strategy. But how does it improve your strategy? Here's how:

  1. Improves Data Security

Cyberattacks are rising, serving as a wake-up call for all businesses and organizations to invest in cyber defense. When hackers lodge an attack, they typically use web-based attacks, that is, attacks through the IoT. Because of the volume of data flowing through it, the Internet of Things is bigger and more advanced than ever. As a result, cyber attackers view the internet as a gold mine, looking for any vulnerabilities. If they manage to steal valuable data, they then post it on the dark web to profit from it to your detriment.

A cyber defense strategy will typically include investments in antivirus, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), disaster recovery plans, and password protection, among other things. However, when it comes to document management, file encryption is critical. It is where cloud-based solutions such as online fax come in.

Online fax encryption scrambles sensitive data so only those with authorized access can decipher it. It ensures that your personal information remains private. Even if a hacker attempts to open a file, they cannot decode the jumbled data unless they have an encryption key. 

Here are some examples of how online fax can help streamline data management.

  • In The Legal Practice

People in the legal profession are looking for ways to ensure document security while providing exceptional service to remote clients now that the remote working model is commonplace. Along with e-mail and mobile applications, people in the legal field have been using online faxing. 

Because most court documents require wet signatures, online faxing can benefit the legal industry. These systems make it simple for clients to sign and return documents. Furthermore, it assists law firms in becoming paperless and thus more environmentally friendly. Lawyers will likely need to look for fax solutions with more features. But thankfully, there are many options available.

  • For Medical Professionals

The medical profession generates a lot of documentation. Many papers, patient documents, and other doctors' files must be sent, received, and stored. Most of these files are sent by fax or mail. Doctors often prefer faxing or mailing because it prevents miscommunication. However, many doctors are beginning to see the benefits of using technology in their practices. Digitizing patient records through solutions like online fax will make it easier for doctors to maintain and track them. 

Another issue confronting medical service providers is the need for interoperability. Patients are frequently admitted to the hospital and referred to other doctors. However, because there is no centralized database where doctors can easily access and share patient records with other service providers, it can be challenging for healthcare providers to communicate with one another. Since doctors rarely use e-mail, they can use digital faxes to send patient information securely.

Because digital faxes leave a trail, it is possible to create a patient record. It greatly simplifies patient tracking across multiple care settings.

The encryption feature is the most important aspect of online faxing security. Data protection is an essential component of any cybersecurity strategy. As a result, adding digital faxing can significantly improve your cyber defenses.

  1. Direct Delivery To Recipients' Mailboxes

When you use online fax, you can be certain that the recipient will receive the message. There will never be an instance where the system sends a fax to the wrong person if you have the correct details. Online fax systems are easy to use since you can use them via a mobile application. Furthermore, with each message you send, you can include a security access feature that lets them view the first page only if they authenticate themselves. It makes audit trails easier to manage.

  1. Tamper Resistant

It used to be the case with traditional faxing that once you sent a fax, the recipient's fax machine would print out a copy. However, online faxing sends the message directly to the recipient's mailbox. That message will be tamper-resistant, meaning any attempts to edit it will be recorded in the audit trail. This feature is not available with traditional faxing. As a result, file sharing via online fax is extremely secure. The main cybersecurity threat is hackers attempting to steal private data, particularly in transit. Online faxing is tamper-resistant, making it an ideal solution for any business looking to strengthen its cyber defenses.

  1. Automatic File Backup

Data backup solutions are critical to developing a strong cybersecurity strategy. Backup solutions are required to ensure you do not lose all of your data during a cyberattack. As a result, most businesses nowadays invest in cloud backup storage solutions. Cloud storage is generally more secure than physical or local storage solutions. But you can make your strategy more robust by using online fax. When you send a fax, the system creates a backup file in case of an emergency or a system failure. When the problem is fixed, the data is automatically restored.

  1. Less Dependence On Hardware

Fax machines are relatively less secure because they are more vulnerable to infiltration by cyber attackers. Because you'll be working in the cloud with online fax software, you won't need a fax machine.

In general, cloud infrastructures are relatively secure. Furthermore, it is more flexible because it allows you to integrate your system with other software. The fact that you will not need to use a fax machine is significant because there is no risk that employees or unauthorized individuals will see private information printed on paper. Everything will be saved and readily available via a cloud server. It also allows you to optimize document management because everything is stored online rather than physically.

Should You Get Rid Of Your Old Fax Machine?

The simple answer is yes. Given the increase in cybersecurity threats, you cannot rely on the relatively outdated technology of traditional fax systems. You're better off upgrading to digital fax solutions, which are far more secure. You can send and receive faxes while on the go, making it ideal for a business with a remote work model. Furthermore, digital faxing is far more secure because no third-party human intervention is required. You can rest assured that the recipient will receive your message directly and without interruption.


Information or data security is becoming increasingly critical as digital transformation gains momentum. Consequently, cybercriminals will become more sophisticated as the IoT becomes their gold mine. Modern businesses cannot afford to be without cyber defenses. Investing in online fax services is one way to strengthen your defenses because they allow you to securely send, receive, and store data. Since most solutions are cloud-based, you simply need internet access to use this extremely convenient service. It also makes digital fax solutions ideal for a business gradually transitioning to a remote working model.