Many are faced with doubts about whether it is worth investing in a project to develop a mobile application, or should you still try to do it yourself without specialists? If it is necessary for the project to become a top one in the modern market, it is still worth contacting professional developers: who understand the specifics of the case, know programming languages, understand the complexity of the project and are ready to do everything to turn an idea into reality. But many people are interested in - can they create an application without the help of programmers? The question is relevant as a rule for those who have a very small budget. Only now they do not take into account that the maximum result in terms of traffic and sales is provided exclusively by complex Internet marketing.

Top tips to develop an android app in 6 steps

After reading a simple guide, you can understand that the development is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The main thing to remember is that only step-by-step actions will help to do the impossible:

  1. Step 1. Idea or problem. An Android app has to be based on something. When creating, it is worth considering that the product or service is implemented in order to solve the problems of the end client. It is worth looking for ideas in everyday life, as well as solutions for them.
  2. Step 2. Determining the need for software. Checking the idea and the fact how cool it is possible with the help of "Keywords" that can be found on Google. Thanks to the tool, you will determine how much demand the product will have in the future.
  3. Step 3. Description of product features. After checking the idea, it is worth moving on to the tools that allow you to create a layout. To get started, you can use paper and pencil, and then move on to choosing a program for development.
  4. Step 4. Implementing only the main options. All functions that will be non-core should be removed as soon as possible. Thanks to this action, you can reduce the amount of money spent on development, and also launch software for consumers as soon as possible.
  5. Step 5. Hire a developer. Yes, in this case, you cannot do without a web studio, since it is the designer and the developer who together will be able to show talent and cohesively create the application interface, taking into account your wishes and the above steps, plus the launch of the product itself.
  6. Step 6. Getting feedback. After launching the software and releasing it to the app store for Android users, the first users will leave comments that you will need to navigate. Feedback will help improve, change and upgrade the product.

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Additionally, it should be borne in mind that by contacting Android application development professionals, they will create a developer account (after all, there is no way around the registration process), integrate analytics (track the number of downloads, the involvement of the target audience who joined the application), and also, if necessary, improve and complete the design (to attract users, since it is the design that is the actual method to make the technology as useful as possible).

Each step is important in its own way, we can say "sacred" because it is considered a guideline for creating an effective, fashionable, high-quality and most importantly useful application. And if you stick to each of them, then there will definitely be no problems with attracting customers, target audience and individual users.

The main advantages of developing applications on the Android operating system

Android apps have long been popular among users. The main advantages of the development process on this platform are the following:

  • In order to create a program on this operating system, absolutely any computer, laptop, netbook is suitable (when developing on iOs, you need only the MacOS system, if we take as an example).
  • Existence of an extensive AMD developer community.
  • Ability to create software in Java.
  • The presence of excellent frameworks that greatly facilitate the development of products for completely different tasks.
  • Open source code of the operating system.
  • Fast speed of placing the finished product on the Google Play platform (no help or approval of the moderator is required).
  • Cheap price for registering a developer account without additional payments in the future (comparing with the App Store, it is worth clarifying that the developer will have to pay a specific amount of money for each year, which is not very profitable for many).

Applications downloaded from Google Play function on all Android devices. The most relevant among such programs and frequently used are various instant messengers, social networks, maps, browsers and even games.

What else is important to consider?

If you think about creating an application, you may even get a stereotype that such work is very difficult, complex, and there is a need to learn a programming language. But, thanks to Google, which constantly upgrades its own development tools, such work, on the contrary, is greatly simplified for programmers.

The process of self-creation consists of certain actions that you need to go through step by step and not get confused:

  1. All actions begin by opening the command line on the computer.
  2. If Java script is selected, then the JDK must be installed.
  3. Transition to the main tool for creating an application for the Android OS - "Android Studio".
  4. After downloading the installer, run it.
  5. As soon as the settings wizard is launched, a color theme is selected, additional files are downloaded.
  6. The installation type should be "standard" and then "Empty Activity" should be selected.
  7. In the next window, you will be able to select the version with which your program will work.
  8. Sections appear on the side, thanks to which you can enter information, import the library and other components (buttons, files that determine the interface design).
  9. By switching to the "Design" mode, you can drag the desired sections, click on the buttons that appear and enter text, increase the font.
  10. After all, it becomes possible to edit the name of the application, add an image.

Thus, the application is ready for testing and upgrading. True, it is better to entrust all these actions to fireart studio specialists, who know exactly everything about the process of developing and launching such applications.