Bitcoin wallet - check, address - check, and mining hardware - check. Now, you must get the best bitcoin mining software to manage and oversee your hardware’s crypto mine effectively. 

Like any popular product, many options are available to select from. Without properly testing them all out, how do you separate the Iron man of bitcoin mining software from Loki?

Fortunately for you, I scoured the web to find some of the best bitcoin mining software options of 2021. 

But, before discussing them, I want you to know the definition of bitcoin mining software and how it works.

What is Bitcoin Mining Software, and How does it work?

Bitcoin mining software is a specialized tool that utilizes the computing power of mine cryptocurrency. In exchange for the mining operation, you end up receiving a monetary reward in the form of digital currency. These applications provide a comprehensive report on the basis of your earnings. Many such tools are automated; hence, there is no need for technical skills. 

Now the question is, how does it work? 

How the bitcoin blockchain works?

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Bitcoin employs the technique of cryptography to convert transaction data utilizing blockchain technology. Bitcoin works on the supply and demand concept, emphasizing that something more valuable is found in scarcity. The higher the demand, the higher the price. 

We need to keep records of transactions in a database in ordinary life, essentially an excel sheet. But, in bitcoin terminology, this shared database is known as a distributed ledger that can be accessed with the help of blockchain. 

For example, you need to send bitcoin to someone. You must first digitally sign a message that says, “I am sending 100 bitcoins to XYZ”. This message is then broadcasted to all computers in a network. These computers then store the message on the database known as the ledger. 

To store your bitcoin, you require a bitcoin wallet. To create a wallet, you get public and private keys, a set of numbers, and letters like usernames and passwords. Anyone can utilize the public key to send the money, while your private key must remain private and confidential as it is your identity. The private key assists in assessing your bitcoin wallet and needs to be kept a secret so that your bitcoin remains safe and secured. 

How to Choose the Bitcoin Mining Software?

Choosing the best bitcoin miner software will depend on a few factors. First of all, you need to determine whether you wish to mine Bitcoins exclusively or altcoins too. Next, what different pieces of hardware do you have? 

Finally, do you have an adequate skill set for utilizing command prompts to run programs, or would you rather employ a graphical user interface, also known as an elegant-looking program with easily recognizable labeled buttons to click, and so on? 

Once you answer these questions correctly and unbiasedly, it will become easier for you to select the best bitcoin mining software per your individual needs. 

10 Best Bitcoin Mining Software of 2021

1. CGMiner

CGMiner is the top-most cryptocurrency mining software on this list as one of the most seasoned crypto mining software. It is written in C and comes with an outstanding level of versatility. It’s compatible with three mining hardware types, GPU, ASIC, and FPGA, and can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Is CGMiner Safe?

No, CGMiner is flagged as Unsafe due to the Anti-Virus software and malware that employ CGMiner. Unfortunately, Antivirus performs various analyses of the CGMiner and determines it as a cryptocurrency mining software - which it actually is! Unfortunately, various malware also can mine cryptocurrencies once they infect someone’s computer, so AVs take everything flagged that can mine cryptocurrencies as unsafe. This is then sent to the browsers, which follow the same process.

There are. Unfortunately, no official CGMiner binaries are being distributed anymore. It’s due to the problem we discussed earlier. The only workaround solution is to download the source code and compile it on your own. If you need instructions to do this, click here.

Salient Features

  • A scalable hash rate networking scheduler
  • Accommodation of different proxy mining methods
  • API monitoring
  • Configuration files
  • Logging
  • Monitoring and overclocking capabilities
  • Support for both sole and pool mining
  • Support for submission cache

Supported Software Platform

2. BeMine

Established in early 2018, BeMine is a bitcoin cloud mining machine that provides its services in Russia and CIS countries. They are the first initiators of cloud sharing of ASIC miners. This bitcoin mining machine operates more than ~70,000Th/s placed in Irkutsk, Moscow, and Chelyabinsk region, in Siberia, and even in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and they keep scaling. This bitcoin mining program also unites Russian data centers, miners, and individuals wishing to participate in cryptocurrency across the globe.

Is BeMine Safe?

No, BeMine is flagged as Unsafe due to the Anti-Virus software and malware that employ BeMine. Unfortunately, Antivirus performs various analyses of the BeMine and determines it as a cryptocurrency mining software - which it actually is! Unfortunately, various malware also can mine cryptocurrencies once they infect someone’s computer, so AVs take everything flagged that can mine cryptocurrencies as unsafe. 

Salient Features

  • Fare cloud contracts with a deposit extraction
  • Allows users to purchase and store mining equipment without needing to be physically present during the purchase, transportation, installation, configuration, and maintenance of ASIC
  • If you are not keen on purchasing the entire ASIC miner, you can try shares. BeMine can sell a maximum of 1/100 share of exact ASIC for a reasonable price, which may become a handy way to commence a coin mining experience without the necessity to purchase the entire expensive machine itself.
  • You can also avail of door-to-door delivery of ASIC.

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
BeMine Windows, Mac, and Linux

3. Hashing

Hashing24 is an ethereum mining software that allows you to mine cryptocurrency without purchasing any equipment. The bitcoin mining program provides access to real-world data centers. It is one of the crypto mining software that provides high-paying affiliate programs at cost-effective prices.

Is Hashing24 Safe? 

Before acquiring cloud mining capabilities, the service recommends protecting your accounts and settings at the maximum security level. You can do this through the “Settings” tab. In the security settings, Hashing24 provides you with the option to activate two-factor authorization with the help of the program for the mobile device Google Authenticator. Plus, you can set the time spent on the Hashing24 website, after which you will automatically be logged out. The time interval is between 5 to 60 minutes or never. 

Hashing24 has been operating since 2012 and is considered to be one of the oldest services. Since its introduction, no one has ever reported any malpractices being performed during the bitcoin mining process.

Also, there has been no single hack on account of the service. Hashing24 also has the Certificate of Registration and all the official information on its website. All of this confirms that Hashing24 is not a scam and is fully legit. 

Salient Features

  • Comes with the newest ASIC chips
  • Consists of data centers across several countries like Norway, Georgia, Iceland, and Canada
  • Employs the latest air and cooling technology
  • Gives you the ability to mine cryptocurrency without any problem
  • Provides intuitive interface

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
Hashing24 Windows, Mac, and Linux

4. MultiMiner

Multiminer is considered one of the best ethereum mining software for beginners. This bitcoin cloud mining software simplifies the process of mining a lot easier than other software. The idea of mining Bitcoin can seem daunting at the start; hence, new miners are better off starting with software that is effortless to operate and comprehend.

Is MultiMiner Safe?

No, MultiMiner is flagged as Unsafe due to the Anti-Virus software and malware that employ MultiMiner. Unfortunately, Antivirus performs various analyses of the MultiMiner and determines it as a cryptocurrency mining software - which it actually is! Unfortunately, various malware also can mine cryptocurrencies once they infect someone’s computer, so AVs take everything flagged that can mine cryptocurrencies as unsafe. 

Salient Features

  • Ability to scan and detect mining hardware details like average hashing power and corresponding pool
  •  Capable of multi-device switch between ASICs and FPGAs
  • Comes in a desktop application format
  • Automatic mining difficulty and profitability selection
  • Automatic hardware detection is possible
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Multicurrency switch between different cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Multi-device compatibility with Block Erupter, BFL/Bitforce, and HashBuster Micro
  • Provides projected profits display and other analytics

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
MultiMiner Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

5. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is a robust bitcoin mining machine that can, at the same time, handle various types of mining hardware. It supports over 25 mining engines and is compatible with every popular mining algorithm. You can easily manage multiple miners’ pools simultaneously using this mining software. 

It even features a dashboard that depicts each of your hardware’s temperature and status, which lets you monitor its progress and health. Awesome Miner runs on Windows, but you can access the web version on any computer and operating system. 

Is Awesome Miner Safe?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Judging by the user reports, Awesome Miner is doing a great job by providing a safe and smooth service. The years that the mining software has been around prove that it is not a scam. It is considered to be one of the most well-known solutions for remote mining management. 

The software works on the users’ networks. It does not contact third parties, which makes the service even more secure. The protection measures available to the users are set so that mining farm owners have complete control over the operations. Strangers cannot access the rigs. On Awesome Miner, the mining rig/farm owner can restrict access through authentication checks and password requests. 

Salient Features

  • Depicts the notifications in the user interface and can also be sent through email or webhooks
  • Displays and monitors all the GPU properties
  • Maximizes the profit and minimizes the downtime
  • Monitors the assets with the help of the Coin Wallet balance feature
  • Provides an automatic setup of all popular mining pools with a single click
  • Provides ASIC support

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
Awesome Miner Windows and Linux

6. BFGMiner

BFGMiner is similar to CGMiner, the only difference being it is compatible with ASIC and FPGA. With the help of graphic cards, its performance becomes very smooth as butter. BFGMiner is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows, making it very versatile. It also comes with the option to monitor the temperature. Also, BFGMiner is smart enough to avoid linking to pools that cannot be reached; thus, it saves machine capital resulting in increased profitability. 

Is BFGMiner Safe?

BFGMiner is not malware. It’s blocked by most antivirus products as most installs of it are malicious. For example, a trojan may download it to download currency on an unsuspecting user’s machine and burn it out.

Salient Features

  • Ability to simultaneously mine different cryptocurrencies
  • Comes with powerful mining features
  • Cross-platform 
  • Gives you the scope to hash on different popular mining algorithms simultaneously

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
BFGMinor Windows, Mac, and Linux

7. Computta

Computta is software with services that cryptography professionals have created to help you make digital money. It comes with an uncomplicated and intuitive interface. It’s effortless to set up with a super-simple two-click process and will take only 5 minutes, including benchmarking time. Computta Smart Miner app is compatible with a maximum of 95% of Windows-based computers. You need no technical skills to get started.

Is Computta Safe?

Yes, Computta is completely safe. It’s a simple way to commence mining and an effortless way to track your profits. It’s specifically designed for those with absolutely no technical expertise and who wish to start mining cryptocurrency on an immediate basis. Computta is also perfect for experts who want to set up mining on friends' and family’s PCs and not have them bothered by complex program setups or poor PC performance. 

Salient Features

  • Compatible with all computer systems
  • It is a free bitcoin miner software
  • It is an automated tool; hence, there is no technical expertise required
  • Provides a comprehensive report on the basis of your earning
  • Takes only a few mouse clicks to set up
  • You can customize it the way you want

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
Computta Windows


ECOS is one of the best bitcoin cloud mining software in the industry. Established in 2017 in the Free Economic Zone, it is the first cloud mining provider operating with legal status. ECOS has more than 50000 users across the globe. It comes under the agreement signed between the Government of Armenia and the company.

Is ECOS safe?

Legality is one of the strongest fortes of ECOS. The company holds a history of conducting business with legitimate private and public organizations. It even spearheaded the launch of FEZ in Armenia with the assistance of the country’s government. These things separate the platform from the run-in-the-mill cloud mining companies out there. 

Salient Features

  • Comes with a convenient calculator on the website for selecting a mining contract
  • Daily payments
  • Get a free mining contract for a month after registration
  • The minimal price for a mining contract is $49
  • Weekly promotions and auctions for registered users
  • Withdrawals starting from 0.001 BTC

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
ECOS Windows, Mac, and Linux

9. DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner is the best bitcoin mining software as it employs the OpenCL platform to perform hashing computations swiftly and provide users with an “N” number of mining pools. It is compatible with GPU mining hardware and operates on Mac. However, you can run it on any operating system if you have ATI Stream SDK 2.1 or the latest Nvidia software. With the help of DiabloMiner, you can select to mine alone or in a group.

Is DiabloMiner Safe?

If the developer of the software is authorized, then it is not a virus or malware. However, if the developer is not listed or seems suspicious, you can remove it with the help of uninstall program. 

Salient Features

  • Compatible with GPU Bitcoin mining hardware
  • Consists of unlimited mining pools
  • Gives you the scope to select between solo and group mining

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
DiabloMiner Mac devices

10. Kryptex 

Kryptex is an application that enables you to pay in Bitcoins or any other currency, including the dollar. It is compatible with every Windows system. 

Is Kryptex safe?

Kryptex is not a virus. Certain viruses generate cryptocurrency without the consent of the users. Hence, antivirus software blocks anything connected to cryptocurrencies. When Kryptex is detected, such AV software generally reports: “Not-A-Virus,” or “Potentially Unwanted Software (PUA).” The only workaround for this situation is adding Kryptex to the exclusion list. This way, the antivirus will allow Kryptex to work, and you will get the money, not the hackers.

Salient Features

  • Available in various languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Gives you the ability to mine with your CPU and GPU
  • It starts automatically as soon as you start your Windows 10 system.
  • This cryptocurrency mining software provides a spotless GUI.
  • This software is easy to set up.

Supported Software Platform

Bitcoin Mining Software Supported Software Platform
Kryptex Mac devices

Future of Bitcoin Mining 

The future of bitcoin mining is looking a bit bleak. There are only twenty-one million bitcoins that can be mined in total. Once bitcoin miners have unlocked all the bitcoins, the planet’s supply will essentially run out. As of February 24, 2021, 18.638 million bitcoins have been mined, which leaves another 2.362 million yet to be introduced for circulation. Once all the bitcoins have been mined, the miners will still be incentivized to process transactions with fees. The dramatic reduction in reward size might mean that the mining process will shift entirely well before the 2140 deadline. 

This is all about the future of bitcoin mining. I hope you liked my presentation of the 10 best bitcoin mining software of 2021. To get the latest updates on technology, keep reading this section!