"With AI changing the landscape of gaming, we are revolutionizing the gaming industry with captivating gaming experiences that can’t be achieved on any other platforms.” - Jefferson Valadares, CEO, Doppio Games.

Jefferson Valadares

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Since the advent of artificial intelligence, AI has shown promising results in the gaming industry. 

AI has always been parallel to all the aspects of the gaming industry. It didn't quite stop at learning how to play chess but also went on defeating the top players worldwide. Moreover, gaming companies are now leveraging AI for complex backend processes such as which are the major advantages of AI in gaming.

Advantages of AI in Gaming

The following are the major advantages of AI in gaming:

  • Creating realistic gaming experiences
  • Enhancing audio and visuals
  • Identifying bugs
  • Improving player gaming experience, and more

Though applications of AI are many, they serve a single purpose in the gaming industry to deliver an ultimate gaming experience.

What is Gaming Experience?

Gaming experience as the term suggests, means how a player experiences a game the entire time one plays it. Gaming experience depends on many factors like 

  • Interactivity with the player
  • Audio and Graphics
  • Difficulty levels
  • The intelligence of game characters

AI focuses on all the above-mentioned aspects and gives the players ultimate gaming experience. AI helps game developers to enhance the mobile gaming experience as well as gaming experience on other devices. 

5 Ways to Redefine the Ultimate Gaming Experience With AI

1. Leveraging the Power of Voice 

AI-based voice intelligence is now changing how games are played. AI voices are sounding more realistic today than ever before in the history of gaming. This has helped in creating very realistic gaming experiences. 

Additionally, voice-controlled games enable gamers to play games through voice commands. This makes the gaming experience more interactive. While playing these games, gamers can just tell their characters what to do. 

They can ask their characters in these AI games to run, duck, jump, hide, open a door, switch a weapon, or whatever is needed just by verbal statements. 

This provides a seamless and more real gaming experience since voice saves them from dealing with buttons or keys. And, also using voice rather than buttons is a more n犀利士
atural maneuver.

The Broken Seal and Bot Colony are some of the famous voice-controlled computer AI games.

2. More Real Experiences 

Another advantage of AI in gaming is to create hyper-realistic gaming experiences. Here are some of the changes brought around by AI in creating realistic gaming experiences.

  • 3D visualization techniques
  • Physics-based simulations
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Augmented Reality, and
  • Extended Reality

These technologies have enabled game developers to create intelligent, visually appealing games which one would never envision 10 years back. Below is an example of graphics 10 years ago and now. 

graphics 10 years ago and now

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Augmented reality has added a whole new meaning to the gaming experience. One example of AR games is the AI game Until you fall by Shell games.

The final version of the game with complete AR capability will be released on 28th October 2020 on Steam and Oculus Rift. The VR game is not for the faint of heart, as the virtual world they will enter is nothing short of a futuristic hell.

3. Reinforcement Learning is Necessary for Adaptable Games 

Reinforcement learning is based on the principle of reward and punishment. In Reinforcement Learning (RL), which is a type of Machine Learning, the software is trained on a reward and punishment mechanism. The software is rewarded for correct moves and punished for the wrong ones. This is to minimize wrong moves and maximize the right ones.

Reinforcement learning and gaming experience

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RL will revolutionize the gaming experience with hyper customization. RL learns and alters the strategy or tactics with regard to the skill level of the player. 

To better understand the application of AI in the gaming-scape, let's use the example of Deep mind's Alpha Zero. Alpha Zero is a program typically constructed to understand the consistent pattern and properties of games, such as the symmetries of the board on which it is played. AlphaZero, which taught itself to play Go, chess, and shogi (a Japanese version of chess). 

Alpha Go Zero is a version of Alfa Zero specifically designed for Go. After 40 days of self-training, Alpha Go Zero was able to outperform and defeat the 19-year-old maestro of the game Ke Jie. 

Alpha Go Zero

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It only used black and white stones from the board as input features along with a single neural network. This Google's AI used a simple tree search that relies on a single neural network to evaluate position moves and sample moves without using any Monte Carlo rollouts. 

The ability of AlphaZero to recognize patterns and adapt to various game rules is a significant step towards enhancing the gaming-scape.

4. AI Powered Chatbot for In Game Support to Players 

The main reason to have AI-powered chatbots in video games is to aid both the game developers and players with optimum in-game support. Unlike traditional in-game support, gaming chatbots use machine learning algorithms to understand and imbibe human reasoning and logic required to efficiently play the game.

Additionally, advanced gaming technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are making the demand for AI chatbots mandatory more than ever.

AI-powered chatbots enhance the gaming experience in the following ways. 

  • Enhance Player Interactions: Conversational AI-based chatbots empower gaming chatbots to indulge in real-time interactions with players to make the gaming experience more interactive and immersive.
  • Voice Commands Recognition: NLP and speech-to-text recognition technologies enable smooth voice recognition technology in games. These technologies can easily be embedded into gaming chatbots for software patches, reviewing gaming stats, and even accessing toolkit.

Here's Cortana’s voice-support in action for Xbox One. 

Cortana’s voice-support

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  • Enhanced Customer Support: For an enthusiastic generation of video game players playing games round-the-clock, they need more than just mere human support. AI-powered gaming chatbots provide help instantly no matter the time of the hour, at lower operational costs.

5. Gives an Overall Ultimate Gaming Experience 

Gamers nowadays give a great deal of consideration to detail – this not just incorporates the visual appearance and the very good quality graphics, but also how vivid and interactive the game is, in every possible way. Through endless customization of scenarios, AI can play a vital role in taking the gaming experience to the next level.

To enhance the in-game experience, you have to decode a player’s in-game experience first. For this, game developers use machine learning methods like support vector machines or neural networks to create player experience models, as mentioned in Alpha Go Zero. The data required here consists of a particular pattern of the game or player-game interaction. This data, at times, is also gathered by using questionnaires and other methods.

All of these methods direct game developers to create an enhanced experience for players.


Artificial intelligence is a highly potent technology to deploy across all the gaming stages, i.e., from the development of the game to ensure greater customer satisfaction and ultimate gaming experience. Therefore, investing in machine learning solutions is highly imperative since the advantages of AI in gaming can't be undermined.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence and its cognitive subset, machine learning allow game developers to automate all game development processes, observe and analyze player behavior, delivers 24*7 customer support, and also takes their gaming experience a notch higher.  

If you operate in the gaming industry, it is imperative that you adapt to the trends of AI in gaming to give your customers an ultimate gaming experience.